Revolution Flame is a Global Youth Organization working
to bring a positive change in society to spread love revolution to inspire and learn from each other

Revolution flame is a guiding light spreading public awareness. We believe Revolution is a war between ideas, thoughts and ideologies; it does not have to be a duel between systems, or constitutions or among rulers.
Our Revolution is against social injustice, ill traditions, against hatred, against selfishness, against growing differences between people on account of religions, casts, colors and creeds.
For Love revolution to happen we know we need to plant every human heart including ours with the seeds of love, water it with drops of unity and then let the rays of care and affection do the rest.

The Creative Influence

Instead of just going through the motions on your next project, look for the hidden opportunities you already have. On The Creative Influence, graphic designer Michael Bierut challenges us to look for opportunities in even the most dull assignments. He speaks about his mentor, designer Massimo Vignelli, when he was asked to sort through the chaos […]

6 Problems with Hackathons in Pakistan

Re-blogged: Hackathons more or  less like a global movement to gather computer geeks on a single platform; so that they transform their great many entrepreneurial ideas into sustainable products.Not a very a long time ago, we started to hear about hackathons being held in Pakistan. Having a very under-developed IT industry, this came as […]

I wish…

We all have been guilty of wishing to live better and a more luxurious life at some point of our lives. We want to believe that our life should be just a bed of roses, but we fail to realize that there are thousands of people who wish to have such luxuries and comforts as […]

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