A Day with NICH Children

October 20, 2013 - 4 minutes read

A nation striving for motivation and goodwill stands proud as a young group of enthusiasts from Roshni Trust and Patients’ Helping Hands (PHH) collaborated to spread smiles by giving away goodie bags at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) on Sunday, Oct 13th 2013. Revolution Flame, being official partners of Roshni Trust were exclusively invited for the coverage of this noble cause.

             Roshni Trust comprises of young exuberant volunteers with a passion to incite adequate change in the current stature of the society and work towards a righteous state where the needy have access to basic necessities of life. Anzar Khan is the progenitor and Project Manager who on March, 8th 2012 laid the foundation of this organization. He with his group of friends have been previously associated with volunteer based activities as well and thought of expanding their horizons by initiation of an organization of their own.

He was really pleased with the presence of Revolution Flame and appreciated their decision of accepting his invite. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude, “Revolution Flame is an eminent and distinguished youth based platform provoking this generation to input their energies into something positive. We are really happy to sign a partnership and determined to eliminate negativity together in the near future.” Along with them were the equally fervent volunteers of PHH who are also Doctors in making. Conceived on the May 23rd, 2011 by a group of Sindh Medical College students, PHH’s basic goal is to facilitate the underprivileged by providing them with vital healthcare facilities charge-less.

Mr. Islam Ahmed (The Vice President of PHH)  said, “PHH have been affiliated with NICH since long and has helped collaborate in the construction of State of the art O.T, Surgical Ward and I.C.U.” A bunch of volunteers from educational institute PAF-KIET were present as well in support of the philanthropic activity. Under the exemplary guidance and governance of Mr. Anzar Khan, the volunteers went floor to floor around the hospital catering different wards while giving out gifts to the little angels suffering from life-threatening diseases. “Mommy has no money to buy me biscuits. I am happy to find chocolates, candies and biscuits in this goodie bag,” said an excited 7-year old Hafiza suffering from Appendix.

Developing a bond of warmth and affection with the patient is a pivotal trait and keeping that into consideration, the volunteers were instructed to spend a little time communicating with the children, consoling their parents and motivating their spirits. 5-year old heart patient M.Talib’s grieving mother found some moments of tranquility. She said, “My heart goes out to you people for sharing our problems. God has placed us in difficult times but such acts of kindness help us live.” Even after the event was coming close to concluding, the volunteers were still pumped up with the same verve and joviality and that clearly depicted their convection towards serving the humanity. A volunteer from PAF-KIET, Faryal Zaidi expressed her views, “I always wanted to give back to the society and this charitable activity paved a way for me to participate in more of such community based work.” Lastly, Mr. Anzar Khan appreciated and praised the volunteers for supporting and becoming a fulcrum for his organization. Our society is going through a phase where there is a lack of self-esteem, leadership and identity development. It’s high time we encourage volunteerism and invoke the sense of empowerment among the young lot.

Written By: Kiran Ashraf

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