Revolution Flame hiked Panjpeer Rocks on 22nd November 2015. Panjpeer is the highest point of the Danoi Ridge in Kotli Sattian/Kahuta. It is called Panjpeer because of a shrine it has at the top. Locals believe this was a place where five saints came and got settled. The site is almost 100 KM from capital Islamabad in southeast.


Pack Essentials

  • Sun protection: Even on a cold day, hikers get plenty of UV exposure, especially on mountains that don’t have a lot of tree cover. Take care of eyes and skin with UV-blocking sunglasses, plenty of wide-spectrum sunscreen, and a hat.
  • Insulation: Pack a few layers of extra non-cotton clothing — no matter how hot it is outside, it’s always important to bring an extra layer just in case you get stranded or the weather changes.
  • Fire-making supplies: Waterproof matches and/or lighter.
  • Nutrition: Enough lightweight, calorie-dense nutrition to last a night and part of the next day. (Yes, even if you’re 100 percent positive you won’t get lost.) Trial Mix and energy bars are ideal.

It’s also smart to bring a photo ID, insurance card, and credit card in case of emergencies. The hike is more than a few hours long, bring toilet supplies — a trowel, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer this will allow you to do your business with (relative) comfort.

Suit Up

No, not that kind of suit. Dress for success in light layers made of moisture-wicking synthetic materials. Wool, fleece, and microfiber are ideal for staying warm and dry.