Glass of Shattered Memories

January 5, 2012 - 1 minute read

5 of 365

The aurora of night sky and shooting star leaving a trail behind him …
The vanilla twilight and chilling breeze revived my soul …
I gazed at the starry sky and picked up glass…

” I will give her the biggest surprise of her life .
She wont even be expecting it , first i will tell her to close her eyes
and then slowly i will tell her to open them and
when she will see what i brought for her she will be so pleased … O God !!!
I can still see the shine in her eyes and how she will react
after all it’s was her biggest dream which is about to come true in just few moments
Still drunk in these memories he was sitting beside her without her knowing
He tried to get her attention but she didn’t listened
she was hysterically crying , heavily sobbing ,her tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks
They tear fell on ground and diluted the blood spilled on the floor …
There was his soul-less body lying numb !!!
Just moments ago he was shot dead … They were dragging her with her hairs, she was resisting …*gun-fire* and everything went blank”

That was just a glass of shattered memories …
A glimpse of my shattered life !!!

Written by : Syed Ommer Amer