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July 23, 2012 - 7 minutes read

The youngest participant in RoboSprint 2012, Muhammad Shahzeb is another young talent from Pakistan who participated from his school for the first time in an indigenous category at school level and made an indigenous robot although making it requires great skills and techniques.

His great supporters were his parents who helped him at their best for making this robot. His cousins Mohsin Shaheer Ali, Sajid Mushtaq, Hamza Khan, Naqash razzaq and Amna Iqtidar being from the field of engineering also helped him to achieve his target and his father’s friend Sajid Sultan under whose supervision he made this project.

We interviewed Shahzeb in order to know he took this step and what made him successful and to feature it on Revolution Flame so that other people out there learn from such achievers. Here it goes:

First of all I started planning that what materials and what things should I wil use in this robot . After planning I concluded that I should use Aluminium base , 2x Pittman 30.3vdc geared motors and two nylon wheels , 1x servo for gripper mechanism , 5x 6v 3.8 Ah NiMH batteries for motors and 3x 3.8v 1.5 Ah NiMH batteries for sensors and microcontroller , bjt hbridges , leds and phototransistors as sensors , bjt hbridges and 1x AVR ATmega16L microcontroller .

I used aluminium for building the robot chassis because it is lighter and reliable than other metals, Pittman motors because their current consumption is less than other motors and they also have a good speed and torque, servo for gripper mechanism because it is easy to control it and any type of hbridges and relays are not required to control it, NiMH batteries because their current rating is more than I need and it is so much lighter in weight than lead acid batteries and it is much cheaper than lipo and lead acid batteries, it cost me about Rs:280 per 6v 3.8Ah battery and Rs:120 per 3.8v 1.5Ah battery. I also used bjt hbridges because currently I have studied only about Bjt transistors but INSHALLAH for nextime I will use MOSFET transistors in hbridges because the powerloss in MOSFET is much less than the powerloss in Bjts. I used leds and phototransistors as sensors because the response of phototransistor is much faster and accurate than ldr and other sensors. I also fabricated a comparator board in which I used 2x LM324 operational amplifier ics and 5x potentiometer. This comparator board converts the analog value of sensors into the digital value so that the microcontroller can read it because microcontroller doesn’t understand the analog value. I used AVR ATmega16L microcontroller because it is easily available on College Road and its programming is not so difficult and it have interrupts , pwm channels and internal buffers. So, my robot cost me only Rs:25,000 and it is much cheaper than other robots .

Coverage Details of the Event:

Compiled by: Fakhar Ali Zaidi

A few days back a national level robotics competition ROBOSPRINT was held in Centre for Advance Studies in Engineering Islamabad. In which 42 groups of many well known universities of Pakistan participated, which includes NED University Karachi, PAF KIET Khi, SS-UET Khi, University Of Lahore, NAMAL University Mianwali, Comsats Islamabad , Bahria University Isb, Centre for Advance Studies in Engineering Islamabad (C@se) and others. In this event a special participant was also there which was from MARGALLA SCHOOL WAH CANTT and the participant was only in 9th class who was competing with the engineering students of well known organization of the country.

This competition was divided into two categories

  1. General category
  2. Special Category

In special category a team had to build an automatic robot (using sensors and microcontrollers) which had to place a flag by tracking its path to the desired place. For details please check
In general category each team had to bulid 1 or 2 robots to perform the full task which consists of following steps

  1. Each team has to pick up two flags from there arena by automatic robots and place them to the fort keyplaces to open the temple gate
  2. Now when the gate of temple is open the team has to put a plank to complete the path towords the temple
  3. Now in the final step the team has to place the team flag to the temple in the minimun time to win the title

For detail info please check

In the end of the competition Centre for Advance Studies in Engineering Islamabad won both the Special and General category and the chief guest Chairman HEC distributed prizes among the winner. For the detail results of the ROBOSPRINT 2012 please check

The most amazing participant of the robosprint was ovcourse the little guy of Margalla school who bulid his robot for the special category named MARGALLA SPRINTER. Every single eye was on him n everyone was appriciating him because he was the youngest participant of any robotics competation in the history of Pakistan.

This was a great step towords the robotics technology in Pakistan that if a boy of class 9th could bulid a hitech robot then why cannot we? We surely can compete in any competetion round the whole world. We Pakistani’s are very much talented we just need some motivation and inspritation for doing something good for our country and make our nation and country proud in the whole world…

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