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July 21, 2012 - 3 minutes read

Ramadan is here to bring Peace and Purity in our souls and we are again here with an E-Competition for all of you.

What is it?

The purpose of this Competition is to

  • Celebrate the blessings of Ramadan by spreading smiles on the sad faces
  • Revive  a volunteer sleeping inside you
  • Encourage you to participate

I am somewhat interested, Tell me ‘What To Do’ ?

  • Search for sad person (it can be your brother, sister, cousin, maid’s kid, a beggar or anyone)
  • Put an end to his/her sadness by spending five minutes with him/her. (Talk to them and try to put a smile on their faces by solving their problem)
  • Take their picture
  • Post it on “Revolution Flame Facebook Page’s wall ” with the title “I Volunteered”  with your name, name of the person in the picture, their problem and how you solved it.

P.S. We do believe that you will spend time with more than one person in whole Ramadan and contribute 😛

Is that it? 

Yes ! It’s NOT about the prize, NOT about liking the page, NOT about liking pictures it’s about caring and doing something pious this Ramadan

Show me some entries !
Here’s the link from where you can catch the latest entries to this competition.

You mean i won’t get anything for participating in it?

All entries will be featured in our “Volunteer Room” which will be soon live on our site

Top 3 Entries will get:
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Revolution Flame
  • Chance to attend EME Olympiad’12 for free as an Ambassador of Revolution Flame.
  • A cute gift hamper for One Best Entry

So it’s the time to dedicate yourself to people around you, listen to them, talk to them and spend some happy moments with them for the sake of good.

Ok Fine, but how will you Judge it?

Judgement will be based on following factors

  • Nature of problem solved (a person who put a smile on an orphan or a poor kid’s face by giving him food, clothing etc. will be prioritized over the one who bought his/her brother/sister a packet of chips or chocolates)
  • How actively you volunteered
  • How many pictures you posted on Revolution Flame’s Facebook wall
Entry Deadline : 29th of Ramadan
Results Announcement: First Day Of Eid
Gifts and Certificate Dispatchment: Within a week after Eid
If you have any question or confusion post it below this post or on ourFacebook wall 

Happy Ramadan 🙂

Don’t forget to join our Facebook event !


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