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Pak olympics Pakistanis are very passionate about sports since beginning especially when it comes to Olympics, people wait for four years after every Olympics to watch and enjoy their favorite games. Pakistan took part in Olympics for the first time in the London Olympics 1948. Since then, athletes are sent to compete in Every Summer Olympic Games except when they did not participate in the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics….Yes!! The Pakistanis are sentimental too. The Olympics were boycotted as a protest to the Soviet War in Afghanistan. Pakistan won 3 Gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals as a whole.

Pakistan has been very lucky and of course successful in Hockey. First medal won by Pakistan ever was Silver which was won in none other than the national game of Pakistan, “Hockey” at Melbourne in 1956.
The players who brought this glory to the homeland of Pakistan were, Nasir Ahmad,  Noor Alam, Manzur Hussain, Atif, Munir Ahmad Dar,Abdul Hamid, Akhtar Hussain, Zakir Hussain, Anwar Ahmad Khan, Habib Ali Kiddi, Hussain Mussarat, Ghulam Rasul, HabiburRehman, LatifurRehman and MutihUllah. These were the entities, who brought home the first medal, to Pakistan.

In 1960, Pakistan won its first Gold medal which was yet again won in our “blessed” game Hockey at Rome. This medal , was also won by the same players, who brought home the first silver medal.
Pakistan also won a bronze medal in the field of wrestling this time. This medal was brought home by Muhammad Bashir.

The second silver medal won by Pakistani hockey team, was in 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
A few new faces had joined hands with the already existing players, and together their endeavors brought Pakistan the second silver. The names of the people, who made it possible are Manzur Hussain, Atif, Khurshid Azam, Tariq Aziz, Munir Ahmad Dar, Abdul
Hamid, Zafar Hayat, Anwar Ahmad Khan, Khizar Nawaz, Tariq Niazi, Khalid Mahmood, Mohammed Asad Malik, Muhammad Afzal Manna,Mutih Ullah, Zaka-ud-Din and Muhammad Rashid.

In 1968, Pakistan got fortunate enough to win its second Gold medal. Yes!! You have guessed it right…It was also won by the Pakistani Hockey Team at Mexico. The people who made it possible were Mohammed Asad Malik,Tariq Niazi,Abdul Rashid, Riaz-ud-Din,Zakir Hussain,Khalid Mahmood Hussain,Tanvir Ahmad Dar,Jahangir Ahmad Butt,Tariq Aziz,Saeed Anwar,Mohammad Ashfaq,Riaz Ahmed and Gulrez Akhtar.

The fortune of Pakistani hockey team continued, In 1972, they won the third Silver medal for Pakistan at Munich. This time the team consisted of Riaz Ahmed, Iftikhar Ahmed, Rasool Akhtar, Saeed Anwar, Mudassar Asghar, Jahangir Ahmad Butt, Islahud Din, Akhtarul Islam, Abdul
Rashid, Fezalur Rehman, Muhammad Shahnaz, Saleem Sherwani, Mohammed Asad Malik, Munawarux Zaman and Mohammad Zahid.

Luck is not always in favour of the gold,  In 1976, Pakistan won its second Bronze medal in Hockey at Montreal. The victory was lead by Qamar Zia, Abdul Rashid, Saleem Nazim, Arshad Mahmood, Saleem Sherwani, Iftikhar Syed, Shanaz Sheik, Abdul Rashid, Manzoor Hussain, Haneef Khan, Samiullah Khan, Islahud Din, Manzoor Hassan, Mudassar Asghar, Rasool Akhtar and Arshad Ali Chaudhry

The victories of Pakistan hockey team continued, and in  1984, Pakistan was honored with the third Gold Medal due to the Pakistani Hockey Team at Los Angeles. This time, the team consisted of Nasir Ali, Naeem Akhtar, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Mushtaq Ahmad, Khalid Hameed, Tauqeer Dar, Shahid Ali Khan, Haneef Khan, Manzoor Hussein, Hussain Kaleemullah, Hassan Sardar, Abdul Rashid, Ayaz Mehmood, Ghulam Moinuddin and Qasim Zia

However, in 1988, although Pakistani hockey team was unable to win any medal, another patriot, Syed Hussain Shah, brought home the third Bronze Medal, in the category of Men’s Middleweight Boxing at Seoul.

Not broken by the last defeat, the motivated Hockey team of Pakistan, Brought home the bronze medal , in 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona. The names of the achievers are Tahir Zaman, Rana Mujahid Ali, Muhammad Shahbaz, Anjum Saeed, Muhammad Khalid, Khawaja Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Qamar Ibrahim, Shahid Ali  Khan, Farhad Hassan Khan, Wasim Feroz, Musaddiq Hussain, Mansoor Ahmad, Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Akhlaq Ahmad, Muhammad Asif Bajwa and Khalid Bashir

Looking over the history and analyzing the performance of the national team in the past, it would not be wrong to say that Pakistan has always been relying only on Hockey, as majority of the medals; in fact all the Gold and Silver medals won in the past were won through Hockey. Unfortunately, over the past 4 Olympics, Pakistan could not manage to win a single medal in any field and there is no medal won in the London Olympics 2012 as well, which makes around 20 medal-less years, which is a very saddening situation especially for the sports fans of Pakistan. In spite of all the practices and hard work, our athletes could not manage to play well enough to make it to win medals for the country. This issue needs to be taken seriously and the concerned committees should look over this issue and try to make sure that proper measures are taken to prepare and train the players and athletes professionally for Olympics and the players themselves should also feel responsible and play well to fulfill the hopes of their people a d to bring Pakistan in the list of medal-winning countries again.

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