A Leader Apart

September 11, 2012 - 2 minutes read

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The world has witnessed many people come and leave. Every single day, every single second some lives are born and some are lost. Mostly, the ordinary people’s lives gets lost and forgotten in the sands of time.But the ones known as ” The Igniters“, the ones who burnt themselves to provide hope,inspiration, courage, dedication and motivation and direction to others. There’s a long list of it. And in the top of that list lies a name which bears immense prestige to every single person who calls himself the citizen of this very land called “Pakistan” or who feels proud when the world calls them Pakistani.

That charismatic leader who drove that 1.5 million people from India to Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah whose able leadership, vision wand determination was such that the worlds pays him gratitude. He was matchless, I remember my teacher used to relate that saying of some Britisher that he said ” If Muslims lacked Jinnah, then surely they would never ever have achieved this separate homeland”

The most vital characteristic which any great leader must possess is the belief of his followers in him. Jinnah mastered this art. Once he was adressing a public gathering in English. His audience contained people from every walk of life, mostly students. Amongst that audience when an old man was questioned that “Do you know what Jinnah is saying?” The old man replied, ” No, I don’t but what I do know is that whatever he is speaking is right

Today, was the day in the history when that great man breathed his last !  The world knows him as “The Greatest Leader Ever

May His Soul Rest in Peace !



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