Aleem Shah

September 16, 2012 - 3 minutes read

Aleem Shah, another regular teenager has a great passion for art. He made a page “No Life Doodler” just to share his stuff with people and to look for what they think about it. Here’s his interview with Revolution Flame

Aleem Shah Doodle

What makes you unique from all?

Well I’m very introvert kind of person. I don’t really like people around me all the time, more of a person who likes to spend his time alone if that’s not unique I don’t really know what is, I’m not gonna talk about my unique-ness in terms of Art cause I’ve said this phrase before “Art is different to everyone”.

Where did your achievements take you?

As for now, I don’t really have any achievements which would actually be classified is Achievements but well time will come, hopefully.

Three things you can’t live without?

Three things I cant live without? One, my family. I would never want to lose it anyhow. Second, Art, no matter what I can’t spend a single day without painting or drawing something. Third, Music, music to me is like half of my life.

How would you arrange Fame, Money, Love and Respect?

Respect, fame, love and then money. I don’t really have any importance for money, I’m not the type of guy who would want to spend his life like a royal person, just need some regular necessaties to survive. Then we talk about Fame and Respect, well fame can be achieved in many ways that includes both good and bad but a fame earned by Respect is a fame worth it, Respect to me is what matters a lot. Love? Well I’m not gonna go all cliché on love so its better I drop it.

Any disappointments that you faced in your passion?

Everyday there’s a disappointment, everytime I finish my drawing or painting, I’m always like it could have been done better or I’m really bad at it.

The harshest comment that you heard about yourself?

Not exactly gonna say it Word-to-Word but someone once told me that I’m a loser, who just wants attention and a person who got no life. Well guess my page name kinda says it.

Message for Youth?

Not really, I’m a part of the youth, not a leader or anything but I’ll say just be yourself, yes you’ve heard that a lot but it’s the truth.


Link to his work:

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