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September 6, 2012 - 4 minutes read

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In the diary of a martyr:

(In the name of martyrs of 65 war and all those who took part in Waziristan and swat operations and to the soldiers of Gayari sector)

The major of the battalion was crouched in the bunker on the line of control front ,waiting for the moment to eclipse .For a second his mind drove him home , he thought of his unborn child and had a glimpse of his wife’s gloomy face(in hope that he will return soon as a ghazi).He twitched his eyes shut. He did not want his mind to lose focus and divert to places where he no more belongs. The sound of canon fire and gun shot was increasing. They were now behind the enemy lines.

He did not care of his rank’s standing and position as per borders conditions and was standing on the fire front with his soldiers. His transceiver informing him of good news of his success in capturing  area. Suddenly a flash of lightening thunderous sound wave, a heavy dust of sand grains flew in air and then whiteness , two angels welcomed major to the heavens . He was sitting in peaceful gathering , a gathering of shuhada .Someone taps him on his back and introduce him to Hazrat Hamza , the bravest of shaheeds, Haris and Summaya (Islam’s first martyrs) sitting at the far end .He was congratulated by men and women around him .The major felt so delighted that he wanted to go back to the world and die like that ten times. So did Major Tufail wanted to get that honour again  and Jawan sarwar and lance Naik Mehfooz and Rashid Minhas.


The battle won and losses

Indian claims

Pakistani claims

Independent Sources

Casualties  –  – 3,000 Indian soldiers, 3,800 Pakistani soldiers
Combat flying effort 4,073+ combat sorties 2,279 combat sorties
Aircraft lost 59 IAF (official), 43 PAF. In addition, Indian sources claim that there were 13 IAF aircraft lost in accidents, and 3 Indian civilian aircraft shot down. 19 PAF, 104 IAF 20 PAF, Pakistan claims India rejected neutral arbitration.
Aerial victories 17 + 3 (post war) 30  –
Tanks destroyed 128 Indian tanks, 152 Pakistani tanks captured, 150 Pakistani tanks destroyed. Officially 471 Pakistani tanks destroyed and 38 captured 165 Pakistan tanks
Land area won 1,500 mi2 (3,885 km2) of Pakistani territory 250 mi² (648 km²) of Indian territory India held 710 mi²(1,1840 km²) of Pakistani territory and Pakistan held 210 mi²(545 km²) of Indian territory

Source :  Wikipedia.


Although area and size wise we lost but over all Pakistan army gave a splendid performance in PAF and internationally was well recognized. Our defense ranking went to 4th in the world at that time. The courage of armed officers was marvelous and of Pakistani people : spirits were high. Quaid’s unity was reflecting in the nation’s Performa level. The present situation in the country needs to support our heroes who are protecting us day and night. By remembering this day and days that went by in different operations, we know that they are vigilant and jubilant 24/7 to protect us and we respect that.

I salute Pakistan Army 🙂

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Azka Durrani

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