If Not Now

September 30, 2012 - 1 minute read


water droplets rose leaves

The ray of hope, for all lost lands
A child that smiles, with peace she cries
To save her home, from tyrannic hands
She raised her voice, against the violent breach
She bravely fought, and yearned for peace
She sowed the seed, to help those in need
Her words put the reality to the world’s reach
With a shot to the head, out open to bleed
Those vile preachers, those violent beasts
Is this her fate? Is this her destiny?
To be enslaved in a hospital, by their tyranny?
Are we so fragile? are we so weak?
To raise our voices, or do we retreat ?
If not now, then when can we speak?
If not now, never till our last beat!

Written By : Zainab Khakwani

Photo Credits : Ahmed Rasheed


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