The Imbalance

September 5, 2012 - 3 minutes read



Due to frequent overthrows of martial law dictators over governments and ongoing ranging wars ended up in defence budget rise up to 65% of the total economy of the country. Today we observe the basic health/medical units and education standards being neglected due to high expenses on armed forces. I wont right over here that it’s for the leisure of the Generals and higher army official’s money bank, it is actually spent on artillery, arms and nuclear weapons. On a personal view, I have observed Pakistan army very closely as I am the 4th generation in my family to be descending from it, there is a clear and transparent culture of how and where the budget is spent in Pak army. My father tells me that even the chapatis left in noon’s lunch (in one single regiment) is sold in bazaar for people or given away to poor , each everything is run in an administered way and balanced kept in a record not like government sectors where you have no idea what the heck is going on. The thing is our neighbor’s area is 4:1 to us , their economic growth is double to us now , their foreign trade rocketing and still their defense budget is 4 times ours. then the question arises : why are we wasting our time? why aren’t we spending more on basics rather then only protecting the borders. Every teacher gives the example of Japan, which should’ve a great security and defense budget keeping in history the incidence of nuclear attacks on their cities .But they didn’t .why? because they weren’t certain of the fact that will they win the game or not but yes! They spent it on their people and their development .They now rise as the most balanced economy in the world.

Also Pakistani people aren’t happy with the army, they are agitated and frustrated because of the country’s ongoing internal and external wars. They want the nation’s literacy rate to rise and economy to boost. This all is also what Pak Army desires as a citizen to the state. They want the image to be better, the image which has been ruined by past martial law dictators autocratic rule which, if hasn’t done any big corruption, yet has shackled the basic foundation of democracy in country.

My point over here is simple and clear now to most of you and the policy makers of this country , If aren’t in ignorance slumber , can come up with a proper economic planning for our nation that cannot hold anymore to army to save their sinking economy or teach their children A,B,C.

Written by: Azka Durani

Photo Credits: XeonDuke Productions

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