A Teeny Weeny Wish… !

December 23, 2012 - 4 minutes read

glass bottleDuring my childhood, whenever I went to supermarket I used to visit the toy corner. I loved seeing different toys, but I don’t remember a time when I bought any toy for myself from that particular store. The thing which I craved for was the ‘Barbie Doll Set‘. I really admired those cute dolls having a number of accessories with them. I desired for the twinkling jewellery which was packed with these dolls. My fondness for their dresses is also something to be mentioned. My love for these Doll sets went on increasing. I always wanted to grab one of the dolls for me. It was like I fell in love with them, all I cared about was how to get them, all my efforts were concentrated on thing “BARBIE DOLLS” I don’t know It was like … I just wanted to hold them in my hands, I wanted to feel how it felt like hugging those pretty princesses, I wanted to comb their dresses, talk to them and … How and why? I don’t know. It was like a strong feeling inside me, maybe infatuation or whatever you may call it but the point is that I did not have enough courage to ask for the doll from my parents.

After sometime it became my greatest wish to buy at least one Barbie doll. I prayed for it everyday and every night  Whenever I saw that doll in someone’s hand, my desire increased. It seems weird to say but I found myself  head over heels in love with this little toy. In all likelihood I was bidding my time to have one of the Barbie doll !fading wishes
When I was in Grade 1 I didn’t showed good result. Dreading with failure in exams I prayed and whimpered in front of God.  I prayed and asked God not to fulfil my ‘Greatest Wish‘ of the time but to hand over success to me. At last, I passed with very good grades on my report card. But now when I am a 9th grader , I still say that I never had any of my desired Barbie dolls. I have given alot of such presents to others but never had any such doll for me. At this age I can not make such a wish to my parents because that would seem really stupid.

I don’t deny the fact that

I still desire for one! Stylish Barbie doll
I still want to hold one of those Stylish Barbie Dolls
P.S. I don’t regret my prayer as well
.    (-_-)

The little thing may seem silly but for me it is something really special. Not because it was my greatest wish but because of the lesson it taught me.

It is not always necessary for our desires to come true but that does not mean that our  life has nothing of our choice.

So always keep praying and desiring, like I still pray for having my little wish to fulfil. (Now Will Some One Get Me A Barbie Doll? :P)

Underneath your blackest emotions,
far above your brightest wishes,
stands a world for you to hold

Written By : Amna Zulqadar

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