Realism of Existence

December 6, 2012 - 1 minute read



In this eternal empire,

Once with care

Love was mould

Once with love,

Life was poured;

The love, so eternal

Why now lost?

In the locked hearts

Of lamented faiths The faith,

so strong Why broken now?

Like the shards of a broken glass,

On which you stand,

Erect and bold

Turn around,

witness your eye!

With burden, a bent tree

The burden of pride,

Of hatred and of deception,

Of lies and of arrogance.

With no modesty in eyes,

and no fear in hearts..

Behold! You see a mirror

See yourself, for you’re the one

Superior amongst superiors

See yourself! for verily you are the one,

The deputy of your Lord

In your heart His words lie,

In your eyes, His existence!

Existence of affection, you lack

Of dignity, you miss

The dignity of tears to flow,

Of purity to own

Of a heart in pain!

The heart free of desires

Of mortal cravings

Of temporal longings

But one longing shall reign

Coinciding with His domain,

Thus bow your head

Submit your heart,

Surrender your soul,

Close your eyes,

Stretch your arms,

And He shall hold your hand!

Written By: Komal Chaudhry
Photo Credits: A.Ech