Reality of Mortals!

March 12, 2013 - 2 minutes read


I was walking on the sand , observing my footprints. The beautiful sight of sunset was just too adorable. Suddenly I heard someone weeping, some girl. She was crying bitterly while sitting near the shore and was saying

“I didn’t expect such a thing from you at least, I believed you. You should have cared! No?”

There was no one sitting with her so it seemed like she was talking to herself but probably she was cursing someone else. Someone who was not there. Ha!!…..pity on her ! If she was deceived , it’s her mistake.

The world is not there to support you or to protect you, it’s just there to blame you. They blame you even for the mistakes you didn’t do, like I did a while ago! They always try keeping you away from your dreams. A superstition in which we all believe is that

There is someone around you who loves you and cares for you, help you in following your dreams. Mostly these people are expected to be a group usually named as family.

Yes ! there are people who only care for your betterment but such people are really very difficult to find. The thing we will never understand that such rare breeds are not only found in your blood relations. sometimes such people come from somewhere else and you become an important part of their lives. You need to open your mind and eyes to find them. There are some people who try to keep you away from the stuff you want,even in blood relations, because they have other priorities and unfortunately you are a bit down in the list.

But because of some materialistic people do not interpret other’s intentions in a wrong way.

Everyone in this world has his own way, habit and story which can make them angels as well as it can also make their choice to be cruel and satanic.

Written By : Amna Zulqadar

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