Wes Malik – Voice of Pakistan

March 24, 2013 - 5 minutes read
RJ Wes Malik Voice Of Pakistan

Wes Malik – Voice of Pakistan

Wes Malik- a broadcasting luminary
When a hectic day at college or laborious working hours at office have drained you out completely and you are in a dire need of something to uplift your spirits, nothing else can boost up your downhill mood like Wes Malik’s 9 pm radio transmission: “The Drive Thru”. Loaded with fun, brand new hottest tracks and of course Wes Maliks’s thrilling voice, this show is a complete entertainment package that will give your senses a whirling blow.
Awais malik, more commonly known as Wes Malik is a name that is bound to no introduction. He came, he strived and he rose to conquer not only the radio industry but our hearts as well. Starting his journey in 1998 with FM101, he soon captured the attention of radio industry with his promising talent and charismatic personality. Since then, he has ventured numerous projects in radio and television world. His television show “Wes Mania” was a big time hit on channel K2. Being a highly well versed and an astute speaker, he has also excelled in news anchoring at PTV News and Radio Pakistan. For over three years he hosted “The Breakfast Show” at City FM89. After that, in 2007, he launched his own studio and continued as a voice over artist/narrator for various radio shows, TV commercials and documentaries. Currently, he is also hosting some of the very awesome and unique programs like “Chartered territory” and “Generation X”. Both of them have gained Wes Malik, a hundred and thousands of fans among youngsters and middle aged people alike. Representing Pakistan on CNN World is another feather in his cap. 
Wes Malik’s profound knowledge of everything that goes on in the music world, from east to west and from old to new is astonishing. His in depth knowledge of the field, easy going nature in talk shows, effective communication skills and passion for his work has made him, a matchless RJ and his shows, totally irresistible.
In his career of 13 years in broadcasting industry, he has shined with a dazzling brilliance. His contributions to Pakistan’s radio industry are simply unquestionable. He has revolutionized the radio industry with his innovative ideas and has helped reviving its former glory. Ever increasing radio fandom and mounting interest of people in radio transmissions is an absolute proof of this. He is truly an inspiration. Hats off to him!

I had the pleasure of taking his interview and this is what he got to say :

Q.Define yourself in one word?


Q.What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

A-Nothing more than weird text messages…

Q.Who is your inspiration?

A-Casey Kasem.

Q.How old is the oldest cell in your body?

A-36 and a half.

Q.What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

A-Smoked a camel cigarette through my nose.

Q.What’s your vision of an ideal society?

A-An Islamic one, based on the true principles found in the Quran.

Q.Why did you choose this career?

A-Because no one else was serious about it, someone needed to be.

Q.You have a choice to live with a cat who knows sign language or a dog that raps. Who would you choose?

A-Dog any day of the week, I’d listen to Kanye West and Vanilla Ice songs all day long.

Q.If you were food what would you be?

A-Lasagnia – I got layers.

Q.Who’s your biggest supporter?

A-My wife and kids are my biggest supporters in what I do.

Q.What does music mean to you?

A-Music is pretty deep for me, for me to like music, it needs to move my soul in any way it can, make me move, laugh, get emotional.

Q.Message for Youth?

There’s no shortcut to anything, work hard at one thing you really love…you’ll be happy and successful.

Want more on Wes Malik? Log into his amazing website for his complete biography and if you still want more, simply tune into FM98, every Monday to Thursday to catch up with him.

Interviewed By : Tayyeba Irum

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