Let’s Medicate our Mother Earth

April 22, 2013 - 3 minutes read
Mother earth


Sitting in my room, editing an article, I heard a feeble voice. I looked here and there but couldn’t see anyone, considering it a doubt, I ignored it. I heard the voice again, feeble like before but this time with an accent to convince me to listen.

Listen to me my child, the voice echoed. 

This time I became conscious.
“I am sick and falling apart”, the voice continued without waiting for me to absorb the strangeness of the environment.

“What happened to you” , I inquired.

“My kids don’t take care of me anymore.” The voice was sad like anything. “I am so cold with no blanket to give me warmth and comfort. There is no one to wipe my tears, console my degenerating soul and comfort my hurt heart.”

I became curious to know who is this and why is she complaining to me about all this.
I braved to ask,

“I am sorry about what happened to you but I am just curious to know who are you and why are you telling me all this?”

This time I could feel an expression of sadness and smirk in the voice.

“I am your mother, your mother Earth my child.”

My body shivered and my conscience was shaken for the first time in ages.

The voice continued, “Save me my child from these snow storms and awful blizzards which have patched my beauty like monstrous acne. My fuel resources are running short. I think I am suffering from pneumonia and malaria; I am cold and hot at the same time. Did you ever feel like that? It’s awful. My eyes are brimmed with floods, tsunamis and tornadoes. I have lost the smile I used to have. I am in the constant suffering of small pox too; volcanoes erupt on my body every now and then, leaving no good but permanent scars of destruction. The baldness I am facing is the most horrific, I don’t need a drastic haircut, I like my beauty, my trees. Even if you cut, nourish my scalp again to give you more and beautiful trees. I don’t want to be bald, infertile and deserted.”

“My kids are my doctors, they are my only hope. Only they can save me and make me healthy and fresh again. I am ready to take any remedy, conventional or modern, herbal or chemical, but save me from this ugly ending of mine. I beg you to save me so that I can protect my kids forever.”

That voice, that request, and those cries made me think , seriously, What Have We Done To Our Mother Earth?

And then I promised her, my Mother Earth,

We, your children will Medicate you and Save you !!

Written By: Musarrat Amin & Anam Khan

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