St.ART- Introducing creativity to streets

April 12, 2013 - 4 minutes read

“Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give.” – Anonymous

St.ART is a street art project founded by Emaan Mahmud on 12th March 2012. The project aims “One hour of fun and creativity with street kids once a week.” Currently five members are working in this project. The team includes, the founder, EmaanMehmud and other members AjlaanRaza, HayaRizwan, MominZafar, SamanRehman and Zainab Parekh.

drawing session by team

The founder of St.ART got the inspiration from a workshop which she attended in Lahore. The workshop was conducted at Sanjan Nagar, founded by Raza Kazim. Sanjan Nagar is a school for underprivileged. Raza Kazim’s daughter, Beena Raza gave the idea to do art work with the street kids.

“I can’t describe how excited these children got and started telling me all about their lives. I realized how starved they were for care and attention.” -– Emaan Mehmud drawing session with street children

Through this art project Emaan wants to give these children an experience of joy and creativity, so that these children could take a break from their daily work and have a fun-filled time. In small time period of almost one year the children got used to this project. They desperately wait for the team to start the art activity. Through their actions they show how much they got emotionally attached with the team of St.ART.

“They are a little slow when it comes to the learning but that’s primarily because they just want to have fun and not be in another school environment. So it’s almost like a playground we provide for the kids.The session lasts for about 90 minutes.”– Emaan Mehmud

Emaan has majored in visual arts. She got many friends who always encouraged her for this project. The foundation of the project was laid by, as mentioned earlier, Beena Raza and the name “St.ART” was suggested by Essa Malik.

eman with street child

“I believe it’s very important for one’s mental and emotional health to have a creative outlet.” – Emaan Mehmud.

Children got attached with this project. They anxiously wait for this art activity.Many incidents shows the attachment of these children with St.ART and its team.

“In the initial sessions it was impossible for us to leave empty-handed since the girls who would sell flowers almost always insisted we take a flower from them as a token of their appreciation.” – Emaan Mehmud team with street children

These type of projects needs support of the people around. People should support these projects because they are providing positive impact on our society. You can play your part in St.ART by contributing money for art supplies. You can also volunteer and take up the same activity in the suitable areas. We, at Revolution Flame, will be honored to link with such people and contribute in this cause.

street children in activity

You can follow St.ART by following its Facebook page

Written By: Nabiha Malik 

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