The Earth Day Campaign 2013

April 19, 2013 - 6 minutes read

Earth Day

What is Earth Day Campaign?

 Our Planet Earth which harbors millions of different species which are living together in harmony and giving rise to a global cultural diversity. Be it any part of the world, all the hearts beat, all the creatures breathe, all the beings LIVE but since the industrial revolution came things started changing, the world which was once a serene heaven of lush green fields, thick forests which apart from being the prime source of fresh oxygen sheltered wild life and the ozone which like a thick solid armor protected us, everything changed, we changed. Our ways of living were so-called Modernized and industrially revolutionized.In pursuit of this so-called Modernization and Industrialization we stopped caring about our Mother Earth, we bled her lungs (forests), poison her with chemicals, suffocate her with toxic fumes, make a hole in her armor and are still inclined at harming her every single second.

Though, we have got the luxury for our self but in the process of doing so we have harmed our Mother Earth. This year our Earth Day Campaign’s slogan of is “Let’s Pay It back”.

Earth Day

Earth Day

Our Aim:

This campaign is all about paying back the favors which our Mother Earth has bestowed upon us since the times immemorial. Our aim is to raise awareness in public by employing various mediums like print/ electronic/ social media to,

  •  Encourage them to be a part of Green Ribbon Movement.
  •  Encourage them to participate in Earth Day Creativity.
  •  Feature E-competitions on Earth Day all across the globe.

Earth Day

Proposed Activities:

We would be honored if you can help us in any way to spread the cause. We assure you to assist you in all possible ways. Enlisted here are some of the proposed activities.

1. Green Ribbon Movement

  •  Earth Day Pledges
  •  Wear Green Clothes
  •  Wear Green Bandana or Ribbon
  •  Silent Walks in Campus
  •  Tree Plantation Drives
  •  Road Chalking Awareness Messages

2. Earth Day Creativity Challenges

  •  Photography
  •  Letter Writing
  •  Card Making
  •  Creative Wish

Earth Day


Event Details For The Earth Day Campaign

The planet Earth is under attack and this time there are no aliens to kill but this time we have a bigger enemy called “Frenzists”. They are the bad evil master minds who want to destroy this Earth. They live in industries and all they are doing is creating more and more pollution so all the greenery and living organisms suffocate to death. Over the past ten years they have speeded up their activities and they are very near to achieve their goal of destroying Earth. They have increased the deforestation, emission of harmful gases from their factories, polluting land, air and water which are the necessary organs of Earth.

Now, Listen up Flames ! We have to respond ! We have to beat them! It’s not an ordinary war. It’s the war of survival; it’s the battle for Earth! We have to gather our resources and strike back.

My name is Captain Flame and I need more flames to beat that super evil “Frenzo”.

To become a flame you need to promise me that you will,

  • Stop cutting down trees and plant more and more in your homes and schools.
  • Stop throwing garbage on streets and put it in dustbin if you see any wrapper lying on the ground.
  • Stop using perfumes and deodorants which have CFC’s (Chloro-Floro Carbons) in them.
  • Always use Ozone Friendly products.
  • Stop your friends and family members if they violate any of the above terms.

Earth Day

Our Igniter just reported that Frenzo hates Sketches and Paintings because they are the best source of spreading awareness on how to protect Earth. This is what we will do Every Flame would pick up his/her pencils, paints, colors, crayons, pastels etc. and would sketch beautiful public messages which should explain how can we protect Earth, how can we preserve it, which things damage earth, what we can do personally to save our planet? Or anything else which you have in mind but remember it must follow the theme “Mission Earth”.

Our Mother Earth is dying and she needs us, our love, care and affection. Let’s all make up beautiful cards for Mother Earth to make her feel better, to let her know that we are coming to protect her.

Here is what we will do.

  1. We will make colorful cards
  2. We post them to Captain Flame, so he can take them to ‘Mother Earth’ during his mission.
  3. The best cards would be put in exhibition and top twenty (20) would be awarded certificates.


Now when Revolution Flame has declared this campaign open, Let’s play our part and save mother earth.

Let’s Spread Love!

Best Wishes!

Team Revolution Flame!

It’s a Love Revolution!

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