The tales of the night

April 5, 2013 - 1 minute read

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Behind the star studded veil
In the ancient chest of dark,
Hides she-the night
Secrets to unfold,
The tales to be told;
Of sin and vice
Others utterly nice;
Of poisoned apples and crystal shoes,
Of sweet moonlight and all the wicked hues.

Listen as she tells;
How a subject in rags-
Meets The Supreme, on his prayer mat,
A divine secret of devotion;
Of unwavering supplication.

Listen her unfold;
Stories of young love and of resolve,
In the moonlight as they dance
Oblivious to the world
In a seductive trance.

Dig deeper some more,
She unveils a sad lore,
Of felonies and a heinous gore
Hidden deep; beneath the dark
Lies a blood filled chalice,
A dagger of malice.

Written By : Zahra Batool

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