Thinking creatively-Based on the work of Edward de Bono

April 19, 2013 - 2 minutes read

thinking creative - Edward de Bono

Innovative and creative thinking of new ideas is of utmost importance. To create awareness in this regard, Loh-Ho-Qalam Counseling Institute (which has developed its reputation for being the premium institute for Educational, Spiritual and Psychological Counseling) is organizing a seminar, based on the works of Edward de Bono, who claimed,

The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best results.” Edward de Bono

This event will not only help its attendees, understand how to identify and solve the problems but also, how to look into things from the management and client’s perspective and minimizing risk, while increasing client confidence.
The event aims to achieve the following objectives:

  •  It aims to promote the thought process which is considered to be the basis of creativity.
  •  It aims to promote the thought and creation of innovative ideas.
  •  To generate “out of the ordinary” ideas and work to determine if they are eligible to be pursued.
  •  Identify Business needs, thinking about what factors are necessary
  •  Identification and Removal of key problems in the proper places during the creative process.
  •  Identification of all the possible solutions to the problems faced.
  •  Selection of the Best Solution to the problem.
  •  Rewarding and acknowledging creativity. Use an effective hierarchical structure with easy flow of ideas and problems.
  •  Avoid relying too much on the data and facts
  •  Development of plans to minimize risk and increase client confidence
  •  Sell ideas to management and clients
  •  Transition to Skill Development from Intellectual Understanding

Registration fee of a Thousand rupees includes refreshment and certificates.

Date: Saturday, 20th April 2013 at 1300hrs
Venue: Mason Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Host: Loh-Ho-Qalam (The Education Counseling Institute)

Written by: Sheheryar Z. Choudri

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