Top 10 ways to save the Earth

April 22, 2013 - 6 minutes read


International  Mother Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April of every year since 1970 but this year let’s make a solemn promise to our Mother Earth that we will do each and everything we can, in order to preserve her beauty because after all it’s a love revolution.

Following are top 10 ways to help our Mother Earth.


Use paper wisely

Reducing the unwanted use of paper is something we all should consider. Trees are the source of beauty and other benefits to the earth, yet we all know that paper making consumes the beauty of our earth. So let the paper-use be wise. Even we should take into account, the usage of both sides of paper and hence we can store them for other productive purposes as well. Reducing the paper usage or making use of both sides of paper will save the natural resources of earth and preventing the planet from being polluted.


Turn off lights, save energy

A very simple and easy way to save energy is to turn off the extra lights. Just think for a moment while entering a room or kitchen and turning on ALL the available lights. If you do not need 4-5 separate sources of light, then turn off the extra ones. Saving the energy and money should be our first priority rather than the feeling of being in disco. Small changes will lead to big revolutions.


Recycle your Old cell phones

Hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic are some of the unwanted gifts of mobile phones that are now-a-days one of the main source of garbage. Recycling your mobile phones can solve world’s growing e-waste problem. Instead of being involved in polluting land, water and atmosphere, your mobile phone can be recycled by some organizations that will recycle their parts for use in making new products.

maintain vehicle

Conserve energy, maintain your vehicle

Properly maintained vehicle can play an important role in conservation of energy sources and imparting less harm to the atmosphere by lowering the emission of poisonous gases. Proper inflated vehicle tires and a clean trunk will improve the vehicle’s performance. Replacement of oil and air filters regularly should be the duty of the vehicle users.

ban plastic bags

Ban the use of plastic bags

Using reusable bags instead of plastic bags will set less harm to our environment. Being non-degradable, the plastic bags are a great threat as they are the prime cause of the landfills. Moreover extra energy is used in recycling them is also something we all should think about. Clogging pipes and causing hurdles in drainage system is what the plastic bags, when disposed, do.


Pay the bills online

Now that’s very tempting ,isn’t it? Paying all your household bills by just one simple click? Yes I know it is, plus it is very beneficial for our planet because by paying our bills online we are saving paper and thus trees, and with that luckily we are also saving our time.


be a vegetarian

Go for a  vegetarian diet once a week

The animals whose meat we take as food, are raised on rain forest lands and farms thus many of them are destroyed every year to feed them. By going vegetarian once in a week not only we can save those forests and preserve nature but also we can have a good and balanced diet and I don’t think it will hurt you to set aside from your normal diet once a week. Think about it!


Recycling of Glass

Glass should be recycled because not only it takes a lifetime to decompose but also it makes up a large component of industrial waste. In Pakistan by recycling glass we can reduce land and water pollution relating to it and with that we can bring the new glass items into usage and in that way we can kill two birds with one stone.


hang clothes

Hang Clothes

Yes I know in this modern era where most of the things are just a click away , drying your clothes in the open air sounds a bit absurd but well , by taking a look at the current situation of power-cuts in our country it just sounds like a perfect escape,because by hanging your clothes in the open air you can have a nice and clean wardrobe and with that you would also be helping the planet by saving electricity.



In our daily routine we dispose off a lot of things which we don’t want to use or which we don’t like but did you ever think that maybe someone would be in need of things? There are many people who are even deprived from  the basic necessities of life so instead of throwing them away donate them to a charitable organization and hence play your own little part in helping this wonderful planet.


Written By: Musarrat Amin & Tayyeba Irum

Image credits: Google

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