CASE Epica ’13

May 7, 2013 - 6 minutes read

As the clock hit 8:00AM the alarm bell started to ring and I opened my eyes. I wondered what was so special that day and then it hit me. It was 19th April, 2013 which marked the beginning of a three day event full of epic-ness. Yes I am talking about CASE Epica ’13.

So it all started with a grand opening ceremony at Dr. A.Q. Khan Auditorium where the chief guest was the ambassador of Palestine who honored us with his presence and a motivating speech. A video introducing the host team of Epica ’13 was played followed by official welcome note by Event Head, Salman Tariq. After this, the Naat Competition begun where we had participants blessed by Allah with beautiful voices. The passion and faith with which all the participants presented Naat was really inspiring. Now let’s come towards a competition which proved that our youth, in this electronic era, is affiliated to our literary culture.The Mushae’ra Competition.

It was amazing to see how students could pour their thoughts into poetry.

Well, then there was singing competition in which contestants tried their best to sing and impress the judges and the audience as well. It was followed by the “Battle of Bands” where the bands battled hard to win the competition. No matter rock or pop, the audience enjoyed their energetic performances. Let’s go outside to see the outdoor events which include football, futsal, badminton, table tennis, sprint & basketball.

The participating teams showed physical strength and skills along with the sportsman spirit which was appreciable. 

The artists who took part in sketching, painting & calligraphy showed creativity through their strokes of brushes and pencils and we saw some really amazing art work. The photographers for the photography competition could be seen all around in the campus taking pictures, with a professional attitude, of all the events going on in the campus. The dancers in the dancing competition maneuvered their bodies in some amazing ways which was adored by the audience. From emotional lines to breathtaking ones, from soft voices to ground breaking arguments, the declamation contest was worth listening.

As Shakespeare said that this world is a stage and we are all actors so we had some actors in Dr. A.Q. Khan Auditorium who diligently performed on stage to broadcast their vision about our country and the problems we face in meaningful ways which included Theater skills and Mime.

To be able to put down your thoughts into words is a great skill possessed by few. Such talented writers proved their mettle in Epica ‘13’s writing competition. In this fast paced life, speed matters a lot. Speed Programming Competition is among the important competitions held at Epica ’13. This competition truly reflected the logical ability of the candidates.

From fighting to racing, from running to firing the E-Gaming competition had it all. Computing lab’s at CASE was all upbeat and zealous with the fighting matches of COD-4, CS 1.6, FIFA, NFS-MW & Tekken & the enthusiasm of participants was spectacular. The corridors were lined with different education counseling organizations, for Education Expo, to provide helpful information regarding the admissions in European Universities.

Prominent among them was “Emerging Visions” which provides help in filing VISA applications, accommodation and Language courses.

To give the 2nd day of CASE Epica ‘13 an unforgettable end, famous band, CALL featuring Mustafa Zahid from Roxen band, performed live for the participants. And to top it all, participants were provided with a discount on concert tickets.
So that was all about the competitions and events held. The closing ceremony was as much enjoyable as anything because of the cheers and happiness it spread among the winners. I must say the untiring efforts of all the organizing members, whether faculty member or student, and participating teams are appreciable. Thanks to all those who took part in this event to make it a successful one including the media partners. All in all, the whole event went well planned and concluded in a smashing color of success.

I would like to conclude on the note:

In this 21st century one has to have a competitive mind to strive and live up to the standards of life. One of best ways to sharpen your mind is to put it through tests and provide it with competitive environment so that it can enhance its skills and find new ways to pass them. CASE Epica ’13 did all that.


Written By: S.M. Jawad Kazmi

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