I Volunteered

July 10, 2013 - 6 minutes read

I Volunteered

Volunteers are the bloodline of a prosperous society. They are the gems which no money can buy. It is a pious deed which reflects the humanity present within us. Volunteering is not about saying or forcing someone to do something. It is not about throwing some money on the table and let people run after it. It’s about changing yourself and bringing a change in society through your actions. Every day we see people on war with their hard luck, we see them struggling to make both ends meet, their torn clothes, bare foots and cracked hands cry in anguish for comfort. They want someone to share their sorrows with, they need someone to wipe their tears, they don’t ask us to give them million rupees. All they ask for is our time, our attention, our love. It is a proven fact that in their world there is more hunger for love then for the bread. A person would sleep hungry but would stay awake seeking love and comfort. Sometimes they find it in the hands of their loved ones, sometimes in nature, sometimes in God but what they actually need is a person, who is tolerant enough to sit with that needy person, what they need is person who is kind enough that the needy feels contented, a person who is willing to give love, comfort to that helpless person for whom the world is no less than hell.

It is the time to rise, it is time to make people realize that their ONE ACT OF KINDNESS can create a wave of change. When these little waves will combine to make streams and rivers of love then there would be no one stopping it to becoming a tsunami. If we want peace and happiness prevailing in our society than we need to step up, we need to do something, we need to VOLUNTEER.

About 100 people took part last year in IVolunteered and made their surroundings a happy place to live in. About 100 souls were revived, about 100 smiles were spread, about 100 people slept that night with a contented heart, with a peaceful mind and with a smile on their face.

So we ask of you that do you have that soft corner in your heart which feels for the poor, do you have that eye which weeps when it sees a person in pain? Do you have the courage to prioritize other persons need over yours? Are you a volunteer?

Get Ready For IVolunteered!


Here is what we aim to achieve?

  • Revive  a volunteer sleeping inside you
  • Encourage you to participate


Here is what you have to do!

  • Search for sad person (it can be your brother, sister, cousin, maid’s kid, a beggar or anyone)
  • Put an end to his/her sadness by spending five minutes with him/her. (Talk to them and try to put a smile on their faces by solving their problem)
  • Take their picture
  • Post it on “Revolution Flame Facebook Page’s wall ” with the title “I Volunteered“  with your name, name of the person in the picture, their problem and how you solved it.

P.S. We do believe that you will spend time with more than one person in whole month and contribute

Is that it? 

Yes ! It’s NOT about the prize, NOT about liking the page, NOT about liking pictures it’s about caring and doing something pious.  

Show me some entries !

Here’s the link from where you can catch the last year entries to this competition.


and here’s the link to this year’s official event page of iVolunteered



You mean i won’t get anything for participating in it?


When did we say that? We have GURU TEES who are our major sponsors for this event. They will be giving out three (3) T-shirts every day to the best entries received in that day. This process would go on for the whole month.

 You people are awesome but how will you Judge the entries?

Judgment will be based on following factors

  • Nature of problem solved (a person who put a smile on an orphan or a poor kid’s face by giving him food, clothing etc. will be prioritized over the one who bought his/her brother/sister a packet of chips or chocolates)
  • How actively you volunteered
  • How many pictures you posted on Revolution Flame’s Facebook wall


Entry Deadline : 29th of Ramadan

Results Announcement: First Day Of Eid

Gifts and Certificate Dispatchment: Every week during the whole event


If you have any question or confusion post it below this post or on our Facebook wall 

Let’s Revive the Volunteering Spirit ^_^

I Volunteered – Organized by Revolution Flame in collaboration with GURU TEES


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