I Volunteered – Respect The Differences

July 28, 2013 - 4 minutes read
Today we had to submit an assignment and well most of us were ready. A few girls still had not made their assignments and i personally hated 2 of them The task was to make an introductry video of yourself and like any other assignment, this too had a few requirements. There should be an audience of atleast 6 grownup people or teens. The assignment should be in english, no editing what so ever was allowed, talk time was 3-4 mins (not more not less) etc etc. The girls didn’t have cameras available and whatever their reason to not make it on time really didn’t matter at that moment.
I knew the teacher to be worse than those girls, i put my personal differences aside and thought to help out.
Luckily the class had been reschudeuled and was now gonna be @10 instead of the regular time i.e. 8 a.m. We had time on our hands, my phone video quality was good enough, since english was not their strongest point so i wrote down a script for them , they rehearsed it ( i know it wasn’t supposed to be staged but desperate times i guess) and we recorded the video. Thus completing their assignment and preventing them from getting into trouble.It was tough on me at first, we needed a room to record it in and none were availble. when we finally found one, the peon who was incharge of the floor got in the way and told us we had to get permission from the h.o.d. So i hurried all the way down to the ground floor to get permission, waited there since the h.o.d was buzy on the phone, explained to him my reasons, he wanted to speak with the teacher who assigned us the task (we’re lucky our teacher did’nt get angry and deduct marks) , i risked that aswell as i was the one in the office while the girls waited on the 2nd floor and rehearsed their lines (all that running and that too in ramadan) . and when all of that was over , i hurried back up, recorded the video and handed it over to them. I didn’t even get a simple thankyou from them after it and i got eyed by the teacher too.
I learnt a lesson here,
but no seriously, i learned that
some people are just not worth your time and effort but i’d still do it again. and you should do it again cuz at that moment i really didn’t expect anything in return, i saw that they needed help and i could help them out. it wouldn’t hurt me, right? so why wouldn’t i? sure a thankyou would’ve been nice but in the end i got what i wanted.”
I volunteered and i helped turn someone’s frown upside down. and i’m happy that i did!
hey i guess i got something in return after all another lesson learned;
Helping people makes you smile and feel good about yourself and them not being worth it makes you the better person..!!
Submitted By : Pari Shumial
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