I Volunteered 2013 – Results

August 14, 2013 - 4 minutes read

Sneak Peak

I Volunteered

Here is what we aim to achieve?

  • Revive a volunteer sleeping inside you
  • Encourage you to participate

Here is what you have to do!

  • Search for sad person (it can be your brother, sister, cousin, maid’s kid, a beggar or anyone)
  • Put an end to his/her sadness by spending five minutes with him/her. (Talk to them and try to put a smile on their faces by solving their problem)
  • Take their picture
  • Post it on “Revolution Flame Facebook Page’s wall ” with the title “I Volunteered“ with your name, name of the person in the picture, their problem and how you solved it.

Revolution Flame

Revolution Flame is a platform where we give you a chance to express your talents Either you are a passionate singer, budding writer, outspoken orator, zealous volunteer, awesome manager, social magnet, astounding graphics designer or anyone who wants to play his/her part to bring a change in society then Revolution Flame is just the best place for you. Become a part of love revolution and pay it forward.


Our sponsors for this event. They are a cause based T-shirt Company. The co-founder Naveed Says

Tshirts are accessible to any age, personality and race. Right now, billions of people are wearing tshirts all over the world and for that very reason it is a powerful and simply a great medium for any sort of artistic, creative expression and a serious message. I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing someone passing by with an eye-catching and memorable tshirt. I have a JUNOON tee I’ve been wearing for years – and believe me, GURUTEE is an extension for that, which is MADNESS.

You can visit them at -> www.GuruTee.com


First Prize

Pari Shumial’s story of how she helped an Ayi Jii in her university which is located in Rawalpindi, stood first. Apart from that she also has the distinction of submitting the maximum number of volunteering stories and also organizing an event

1st Position I Volunteered Pari Shmael's Story (2)

You can read her full story by clicking here -> First Position

Second prize

The Second position went to Asra Ahmad from Gujranwala for volunteering for an NGO and actually visiting and helping the needy people.

2nd Position I Volunteered Asra Ahmad's Story (2)

You can read her full story by clicking here -> Second Position

Third Prize

The third position went to Muhammad Hamza Waseem from Lahore for donating all his savings to a little kid whose father had died.

3rd Position I Volunteeered Hamza Waseem's Story (2)

You can read his full story by clicking here -> Third Position 


This event couldn’t have been successful without the efforts of our partners.

  1. A.V.I.R.A
  2. Destinations Unlimited
  3. NACP
  4. NCRE
  5. YLDO

Apart from that the Ambassadors of Revolution Flame who helped us spread the word and encourage their friends also deserve a special mention. Revolution Flame thanks all of them and acknowledges their effort. Esp. Zobarya Asma Sadiq and Moazzam Ali deserve a special mention. We also thank all the participants who submitted their volunteering stories and became a part of this Love Revolution.

Let’s Spread Love <3

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