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August 1, 2013 - 2 minutes read
I for Infidel

Giving back in simple ways is all we have sometimes, and if we can afford nothing else there is a hadith saying a smile can be the best charity (zakat).

One day I decided to go to the slum area of f-11 near Pehli Kiran school where I had taught a couple of years ago. As I approached the area and found some little kids playing I started taking their pictures.

Meanwhile a man came and yelled that I couldn’t take their picture. When I explained what I was doing and why, I told him I was not taking pictures of their women or houses but just of their children. He asked me to wait & spoke on the phone. Two men further came to say the same and they asked me who I was & from where.

They kept addressing me as ‘the Kafir‘ and I kept telling them that I was a Muslim.

This went on for a while .After sometime my cousin intervened and told them a long distracting story of her work with an NGO and what all she did in Shigar. So as she talked I kept clicking and I guess they eventually realized that the Infidel would do no harm and walked away. By the end of the session parents were bringing their kids and asking me to take their pictures.

It’s not the first time I’ve been called an Infidel and I suppose it wont be the last, but had I been fearful and left the place the divide would have stayed the same. Perhaps I did not build a bridge, but I did cast a few stones to lessen the chasm between us.

Submitted By : Alizeh Photography


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