I Volunteered – My Mother, My Heaven..

August 2, 2013 - 5 minutes read


You know that the Mother is the one in the family who’s responsible for pretty much everything, and in today’s modern world , work aswell. But we never really notice how she’s struggling but doesn’t say a word, how she might be in pain but still goes on for our sake and comfort.

When we were little she sacrificed her sleep just so we could see dreams, when we grew up shetook care of us and played a major role in making us who we are. Our success is cuz of her major contribution aswell for like when we were studying or working long nights, she’d bring us food, make sure we have all that we need , that we’re comfy. We almost never repay her, heck we even forget to tell her we love her. She does everything unconditionally, she does all that and takes our crap and doesn’t even get a thankyou in return. And at times she gets blamed,yelled at, disrespected but STILL finds the strength to go on.

Earlier today i made a few trips from my bedroom to the my parents room. My mum had just done laundry and she sat on a chair folding them. i noticed one of my tops on the floor outside the room (which i managed to ignore before when i came to their room a couple of times) ..i looked behind and saw another piece of clothing on the floor not far from my top. i got a bit angry, picked em both up and went to my mum to give her the clothes and i noticed she was wearing her belt. My mum often has back problems and the fact that she was wearing the belt meant it had gotten worse. She normllally stands or sits down with legs crossed while folding clothes or irnoning them but she couldn’t , she was sitting on a chair. But she didn’t say a word, she didn’t ask me to help her out as she might’ve thought that i’d be buzy with my work, she didn’t leave it to do on another day , instead she saw me standing with the clothes in my hands,took them from me and began folding them aswell. My mother has this thing that she completes tasks as she goes, she doesn’t like to pile work up for later.

” What kind of a daughter was i that while i rested in the comfort of my room , my mother was working when she was obviously in great pain…!!”

Forget helping her out, she shouldn’t even have to lift a finger while im around. i asked her to get up, she couldn’t… i helped her up and took her to the bed and asked her to lie down and that i’d take over and complete all the tasks for today. It was very hard for me to convince her to rest, even after i told her i’d take over she still insisted on helping out while i did. But in the end, thankfully she agreed and She smiled at me. Later on i literally cried remembering her smile , i saw the relief in her eyes trusting her daughter to be there for her. And i always will and i can’t thank her enough for whatever she ever did for us.

“I’d tell her i love her over and over again and it still wouldn’t be enough.”

This story might not seem much cuz of the laundry, but i know what my mum has been for me. How i look upto her, how she’s been my inspiration and my motivation in every phase of life. And right now, i know that she’s the best mum ever and i hope to be just like her when i grow up. Although i know i can never meet upto her awesomeness.

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