Save Energy – Buy a Bicycle and Ride it Everyday.

August 29, 2013 - 2 minutes read

save energy revolution flame- riding bicycle

Getting on a bicycle for saving the planet? Call me a skeptic, but I wasn’t buying it. Jim Sayer, was giving a lecture during Bike Walk Bus Week claiming bike travel could save humanity from its own excesses. So I hopped on my cruiser, with its cute little basket, and biked over.

I left convinced that, if I would only drop my car keys in the toilet and flush, a revolution would sweep the globe. One person at a time. With happy, smiling people across the planet riding bicycles everywhere.

Vive la revolution!

Anyways what struck me was:
Sayer could convince old man Rush Limbaugh to sell his car and buy a road bike. With a fit build, wide smile, the man radiates impossibly good health. His young, blond children all cheerfully ride their own bikes around the city. In all, he’s the perfect person to convince the global community they need to permanently ditch their cars.

Sayer’s argument was very simple, which pretty much convinced me also:

Half of all trips taken are three miles and less. If just half of those trips were done by bicycle, we would save billions gallons of gas and fuels each year – and reducing emissions as a result. Thus would Save Energy.

The revolution starts with a simple act of defiance, a symbolic raised fist to the gas industry executives: Leaving the car at home.
I think I’ll leave the basket on the bike. I might need it to get to work tomorrow.

Lets Save Energy Now!

Lets Buy a Bicycle and Ride it Everyday.

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