Save Energy- Plant A Power House

August 28, 2013 - 4 minutes read

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How many times you actually wipe your sweat when there is no electricity? Five to Ten Times I guess in a minute. Assuming the light is out for half an hour, that would approximately be equal to 250-300 times you do that and complain that govt. should prepare more energy and give it to you at cheaper rates. But my friend Let’s stop the blame game and do something to fix the situation at hand ourselves.

So my idea basically is to Plant a Power House. All you need to do is go to some store near your home and buy little plants and PLANT them in your home. Ok, so what has that to do with SAVING ENERGY?

I know you are thinking I have gone nuts but look at this way, you need power for what? To cool down the temperature in hot season, Right? So if you just plant a little sapling in your home now then it within few months it will be able to provide you shade, in longer run you won’t even need an Air Conditioner and you can use that money you are going to put into air conditioner to do something you love.

Impressive? Ok, I see some frowns.. Let me substantiate my proposition. There are plants which we call runners, like grass, they spread like hell, I mean real fast. Moreover we have some shrubs what you call mini trees or my favorite are the grape vines. Let them run on your walls all over your home and enjoy the grapes and the natural cooling system.


Having the trees in your home and esp. the grapevines covering your walls will cut down your electricity bills by 40%. You don’t need to paints your walls, that also reduces your maintenance costs which you have to unconditionally pay to beautify your home or else it looks like a haunted mansion. More over the greenery would not only add to the beauty of your home but also provide you with fruits, vegetables which you can use. So in any way it’s a win win situation.

The best part is that once you have planted these powerhouses in your home then you are actually taking charge of your future.Why I am calling them powerhouses is that because they EMPOWER you to use power the way you want without worrying about the bills. It’s basically like controlling the energy and not being controlled by the energy crisis and the haunting bills.


So hit the stores and buy your power plants and let us know how much percentage of energy you saved. Beware your neighbors already have gone green and you should think about it. As very soon they are going to buy the latest model of the LED TV with the money they have saved, I just heard it. No Kidding!


Written By: Syed Ommer Amer




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