I Volunteered – The Gold Fish

August 1, 2013 - 4 minutes read


Everyone loves to keep a pet or pets. He nurtures the beautiful creature with deep love, great warmth and care. Some love to keep cats and dogs while others go out for fish, birds and others.

This story is not about my pet but my colleague’s. One of my colleagues,  loves to keep fishes, initially he bought a small pot for fishes that later converted into a big aquarium. Its beauty was further embellished with artificial plants, gravel and a sea diver statue. Soon the huge aquarium became the apple of eye of the whole department and other departments as well, which were residing on that particular floor.

The multi breed and coloured fishes inside the glass gradually became a relaxing therapy for the whole department. When the pretty fishes stretch their fins and move hastily, one just follows their track, standing still. On every sight, It gives comfort to eyes of the witnesses, which excels out all the tiredness of work and when the lights are turned off, the sparkling head bulb of the aquarium illuminates the dark atmosphere and once again, we start gazing at the new guests of our department.

       Though, there were different kinds of fishes kept inside the aquarium but the  ‘Gold fish’ was beyond praise.

It was my routine in office to play with the Gold Fish and others by knocking on the glass. I loved the way, the confused and scared fishes moved here and there. Time passed on and water got dirty day by day, therefore, one day we decided to change the water. We were glad changing the water, unaware of the the fact that we will soon lose our dear ‘Gold Fish’.

While changing the water, fishes were transferred into a small pot and I persisted to put the pot on my desk where I talked, whistled, took pictures and shot a video of the fishes.

In a nut shell, I enjoyed as much as I can and left office with a happy and smiling face but next day all my happiness was blown away when I came to office and found the Gold Fish dead!

I didn’t allow anyone to throw it into the dustbin and I suggested to bury the poor creature whose soul said farewell to the world when I wasn’t around it.

This wasn’t a new thing for my colleagues and they took it lightly (later showed regret) and suggested to apply the same procedure of throwing fish into the garbage bin but here I didn’t allow it. I asked my colleague to take the fish net, carrying the dead body and follow me. I dug a small area and buried the poor fish. I watered her with my tears and bade Good Bye!
Now everything is back to normal; same department, same aquarium but the thing that’s not the same and normal is the Gold Fish who is no more…

People love their pets till they are alive but what if they die?

Written By : Noor-Ul-Ain Hanif

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