A Clever Way To Reuse Something From The Bathroom

October 13, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Last weekend I had a creative idea while I was holding an empty toilet paper cardboard that I found one afternoon when I woke up and went to my washroom to freshen up.
I came to my study table which was its usual mess with scissors, glue, stapler and pens lying around. I was a bit delighted to see the mess that day, the same mess that always made my mother angry and concerned me as well. I decided to decorate my home with the flowers made from this stuff and make something creative from it.

Let me show you how I made those beautiful flowers ; I’ll try to elaborate it step by step so it’s easy for you guys to try it at home.


I cleared the table and only kept those things which I needed to make the flowers:
1. Toilet paper cardboard rolls
2. Scissors
3. Stapler or pins
4. Paint colors
5. Painting brush
6. Glue stick

Step 2:

To make the leaves of the flower, I cut the cardboard roll into pieces such that it’s thickness would be about 2 cm.

Step 3:

After that I painted the leaves using the color pencils and highlighters. I pasted all the leaves together to form a flower.

Step 4:

I made some flowers of different colors in the same way then pasted all the flowers together.
I applied a layer of varnish to make them stronger and shinier then I waited till they were completely dry then I hung them on the wall using pins.
You should choose a paint color which is lighter than the color you really want because when you put on the varnish layer the color will turn darker.

I suggest you all to try this I am sure it will turn out to be a fun-filled and creative experience for you.





By: Muhammad Mashhood


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