Salty Rainbows

October 26, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Colors  represent different types of moods, emotions and thoughts. As in some situations red color is the sign of danger but when it comes to a rose; red color becomes the true representation of love. In the same way in the Chinese folklore ,black color is thought to be the sign of bad spirits. But it is also one of the most favorite colors amongst people. Similarly, colorful things present a soothing effect on our eyes and is a source of peace of mind to see such decorations on our tables, shelves , study tables etc. Salt and colored chalk art is one of the easiest and and adorable craft to do.
All you need is chalk , salt and some attractive shaped bottles. The simple steps are mentioned below.
It is usually done by spreading some salt on paper and rubbing it by your favorite color of chalk. Rubbing of salt is continued until the salt gets the same color as the chalk has. Now take some bottles having different shapes, that will add to the beauty of colored salt, the same paper is given the shape of a funnel and the colored chalk is poured in the bottle. By repeating the same procedure, bottles can be filled with different colored chalks.
These simple steps give an end result worthy to be placed in your rooms as a beautiful decor. It is also called a rainbow salt because of the pattern of the colored salt in the bottles as they do not mix with each other and stay as a separate layer, unless you shake the bottles. If the colors mix, your beautiful rainbow of colors will turn muddy looking.
Salty Rainbows

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