I Saw Her Crying !

November 10, 2013 - 1 minute read

girl crying in rain

The gloomy nights,
The frightening echoes,
The roaring clouds,
The shouting lightning,

Is this the scenario;
Which is scary for you ?
Oh! did you see;
A gloomy night,
In someone’s heart ?
No? So I’ll let thou know,
That how it feels.
Standing in a crowd,
Looking at her,
What you see at first?
A happy face ?
A cheerful soul ?
A reflection of zeal ?
A joyful sweetheart ?
Did you dare ?
to dive in deep ?
Didn’t you try;
To realize the reason behind;
the shine in her eyes ?
You did not try,
To remove the mask,
and see those lips,
curved downwards!
Why you did not strive ?
To see her sweetness,
scuffling with the,
bitterness of this world?
did not you see ?
The fire ignited in her heart,
by this cruel world ?
Why would anyone see ?
And why would they feel ?
Cause these hearts,
do not feel the wrath.
Cause these eyes don’t see;
The dust, the bad.
Yes but I saw the reflection,
I saw those shining tears
Blurring her vision.
I saw her sad face,
I saw the war,
Between the sweet,
and bitter parties.
I saw all; that you did not,
I saw the dark night,
in her heart,
I felt the scorching heat ignited,
by the cruel world.

Yes! I did,
I saw her crying,

I saw the reason why her lips were curled.

Written By : Amna Zulqadar

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