How to make a Plastic Bottle Flower Vase | DIY

November 27, 2013 - 2 minutes read

We can optimize the lifespan of plastic bottles by reusing and recycling them as many times as possible. Thus, we can reduce our need to create “new” plastic and reduce pollution as well. This will reduce the consumption of energy used for production of new plastic and the emission of gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These days, plastic bottles can be reused at domestic level in the form of different creations e.g  flower vases. Using plastic bottles to make flower vases requires a very short and easy procedure.

We can achieve three objectives by reusing plastics; 
1. Earth pollution can be reduced.
2. Energy can be saved.
3. Splendid flowers.

Things you’ll need:

DIY Plastic Bottles Vase Things we need

    • Plastic Bottles
    • Cutter
    • Safety Scissors
    • Different accessories and paint

This is how we make plastic bottle flower vase :

The procedure to making your own plastic bottle flower vases is fairly easy and requires just a few steps.

  1. Take your Cutter and carefully cut the mouth of the bottle, make sure the cutter is sharp enough to get a neat cut. Holding the cutter over a flame to heat it up helps in cutting more smoothly and neatly.
  2. Now take your scissor and cut 5 equal strips downwards i.e. from the mouth of the bottle down to the bottom. The strips should be about 3/4th of the length of the bottle (not all the way down). Once again, make sure the scissor is sharp for a clean cut.If it’s not, heat it the same way as mentioned in step one.
  3. Fold the strips like in the diagram and hold the position for a while. This will widen the mouth of your vase, press the point of folding to make sure it stays that way.
  4. Finally, use the paint/accessories and customize it the way you want. There you go, your own customized flower vase ready to use.

DIY plastic bottle vase

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By: Waqas Randhawa

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