Sculptures Made From Pencils

November 4, 2013 - 1 minute read


 Sculptures Made From Pencils

Pencils ,the first thing that comes to mind is; writing,drawing and sketching & they have been in use for these purposes  for a very long time. HB graded pencils are normally used for writing while H graded pencils are used for creative works like sketching and drawing. Common types of pencils include

  • Graphite pencils
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Grease pencils

The pencils used for writing and drawing have a graphite core and whatever you write or draw can easily be erased by an eraser.

Artists mainly use charcoal pencils for drawing and sketching and colored pencils for coloring drawings .

Grease pencils have a waxy core and can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass and porcelain.

These days artists from various countries are using them to make creative stuff, stuff that one couldn’t even imagine to be made of pencils. For example sculptures are made out of pencils which look unique and mind blowing. Many shapes and objects have also been made from pencils in a beautiful and colorful way.

Got pencils which have become smaller in size after using? Well don’t throw them away. Use them to make something creative ! You might have seen sculptures carved out of wood, metal etc but have you ever seen sculptures made out of, Pencils!!!

Check out these amazing sculptures made with pencils by Federico Uribe below:




By: Iqra Javed. 

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