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November 30, 2013 - 8 minutes read

Is It Worth It?

Every now and then we wonder if we’re playing our role to make our world a better place. You know? Save energy and help conserve our environment. We do play our role; we take different steps for this purpose but wait, what about those smoky industries releasing a great amount of greenhouse gases and other eco-unfriendly emissions. They destroy our efforts, fill their pockets and enjoy their so called success while our environment suffers and eventually, so will we. These are the thoughts that make me and you to think, “eh? Then why’re we so interested in working for the cause when all our efforts will just go in vain.”

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But wait a minute, things aren’t like this. No one is born so heartless that he would kill the environment he lives in and relies on, himself. Doing that would be like preparing a poisonous meal and eating it yourself and then Bu-bye, Rest in Peace. But our world’s safer than that situation, you know why? Because they too think about saving the environment and play a part, we just didn’t know it.

The scenario now is like, WWF (World Wide Life Fund) did an inspection of these companies and they were like, “Oh man! What are you doing? These GHG (greenhouse gases) , Oh my God that’s suffocating.” (face palm). The other party looked at them with innocent faces, “So what should we do?” The answer was “Climate Savers Programme”.

What’s “WWF’s Climate Savors Programme?

Now you’d have a big question mark over your head about the above mentioned programme. It’s time for that question mark to disappear, as here is the answer. The Climate Savers Programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business and industry, on climate and energy. In other words, it’s a save energy campaign started by WWF who’s working with 30 member companies for the cause. Their commitment now is, “People you have seen us competing in the market for profit but now it’s time for an environmentally friendly competition”. They commit to become the best in class in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and pledge to influence market or policy developments by promoting their vision, solutions, and achievements.

WWF’s ‘The 5’ for change:

What this resulted in is, now you can proudly hold a can of Coca-Cola as they are also part of this programme for saving our precious environment. How’s Coca-Cola a part of this commitment? I’m glad you asked, The Coca-Cola Company has committed to reduce the carbon footprint of the “drink in your hand” 25% below 2010 levels by 2020. Their attitude is like,

“The time has come for us to do more than just mind our own business. As our business continues to grow around the world, we recognize the need to mitigate our impact”.

They basically promised to make meaningful reductions throughout their value chain.

And then we have, Johnson & Johnson. After watching their commercials on TV, everyone is like, “Aw, they really care for us, look how they are providing the things necessary for our health.” (stop imagining those cute baby products). The questions here is,”Do they really care?”

Yes they do! As they’re a Climate Savers Product, they commit to reduce global GHG emissions 20% below 2010 levels by 2020. They believe human health benefits from a healthy planet. Good job Johnsons , the people of earth appreciate it . They also appreciate the idea of WWF as they had been setting environmental goals since 1987. They are committed to continuously improving their energy efficiency, lowering their environmental footprint and partnering on innovative approaches.

Catalyst Paper’s operations are based in British Columbia, one of the relatively few jurisdictions in the world to have externalized the cost of greenhouse gas emissions through a provincial carbon tax. Their action to reduce mil emissions by more than 70% since 1990 helped mitigate these tax costs. Their future and ongoing goals are closely aligned with the goals of WWF.

They commit to reduce GHG emissions 75% below 1990 levels by 2020.

They are a part of this good task since 2005.

Today many of you hold an hp laptop and this a moment to be proud of them as they are also working in collaboration with WWF and are part of the Climate savers Programme. They aim to create a better and stronger world not only by becoming one of the world’s largest IT companies but by reducing the GHG emissions too.

HP’s goal is to drive a 20 percent decrease in its first-tier manufacturing and product transportation-related GHG emissions intensity by 2020, compared to 2010.

(I hope they stay like, “When we make a commitment , we don’t even listen to ourselves.”)

National Geographic Society, as being a scientific community are more aware of the dangers of enmity with the environment. They are also playing their part by being a member of the climate savers programme. They have also made commitments to reduce the GHG emissions by reducing energy consumption in facilities by 15% below 2011 levels by 2015.

They are going to pursue renewable energy to mitigate operational emissions from printing and paper suppliers, and its digital media storage vendors.

This group of five companies is responsible for over one quarter of the 100 million tons of CO2 emissions cut through the global Climate Savers program since its inception in 1999. This is the equivalent of taking more than 25 million cars off the road (Whoa).

Now they aim bigger and are committed to be a part of conservation of environment rather than destroying our individual efforts. So here’s some evidence that everyone is getting the pain of increased GHG emission and they are playing their role in its reduction. So why should we stay back away and watch the game, why not to be the part of it? This is a huge reminder that we’re not the only ones and our efforts will not go in vain. We’ll all be winners if we continue with the initiative we once took and make it happen, so let’s do it. *Fingers Crossed*

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Igniters, we can do it!

Written by : Amna Zulqadar

Writer @ RevolutionFlame

Source : WorldWidelife

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