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December 23, 2013 - 5 minutes read

Are you one of the intense plant lovers? If yes, then you need to treat yourself with a beautiful gift this winter. In the middle of December, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is a piece of garden art, a colorful pot collection if you may. So you can easily live all the beautiful moments of winter sunshine. You might have seen those beautiful gardens decorated with huge pretty plant pots arranged in a symmetrical array in televisions. Well, now you can have that garden too, in an inexpensive way. Simplicity presented beautifully is always more attractive than anything else. So, take your pots, make some beautiful, innovative and eye-catching containers out of them, decorate your garden and look at it with awe.

Material:pot art creativity

You are going to need following material.

  • Glue
  • some ribbons of vibrant colors
  • beads and buttons of various sizes
  • some markers and paints
  • two large pots
  • 12-16 small pots
  • a strong tread
  • 4 small balls.


Take one large pot and place it upside down on your workplace. Now take the other pot and stick its bottom to the bottom of first one so that both the pots face opposite to each other. Now take 3 or 4 small pots, punch a hole just in the center of their bottom. Insert them into each other so that they make a pile. Join the pile with the help of thread and tie knots on both sides of pile. Now the pots are joined to each other. In the similar manner make three more piles. On one side of each pile with the open face of last pot, attach one ball or a small shoe, if available, probably snatched away from a doll. Do not worry; dolls can never make your garden look like heaven. Attach one more shoe to the other pile. Now take the large pots, punch two holes about 10 centimeters apart, just on the bottom of the lower pot. Now take the two piles prepared and hang them in the holes with help of the thread such that the shoes hang down. Come to the other two piles left. Take two balls and attach them to the open end of the pile. Now come to the main structure again. This time punch two holes on the upper pot, just near its open face. Note that the holes should be on each side of the pot, a whole 180 degrees apart. Now hang the two piles of pots on each side with the help of threads. Take your water-proof paints and paint the lower pot. You may want to stick some useless piece of cloth around the pot. Now take ribbons and paste them to both of the perimeters of the lower pot. Stick the buttons or beads on the ribbons. You may also make a separate layer for buttons. Now take paints or markers and draw two pretty eyes and a beautiful smile on the upper pot. Note that the upper pot is to contain your plant. Now let the glue dry and after fifteen minutes approximately, there lies your plant pot.

pot art

If this is all too much for you, you can just take some small pot, wrap it in a colorful and presentable cloth and symmetrically paste some beads on it. Then you can take a chart paper, cut some beautiful shapes out of it and paste it on the cloth. Instead of beads, we can also use small branches cut in small pieces. Put the gorgeous pots on your window sill and make sure they are kept out of rain to avoid them getting ruined.

knitting nature
This is how you can spare yourself from buying expensive stuff and utilize your time innovatively. Why buy when you can make your own!

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Research credits: Ahsanullah Khan
Written by: Komal Chaudhry

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