Things Team RF Said After GIKI Innovation Summit?

December 10, 2013 - 9 minutes read

GIKI Innovation Summit 2013

It was all about innovation which included, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL and BUSINESS domains. These are the three major fields of professionalism and IET GIKI knew how to make them rock ! Where technical events tested the intellectual level of participants, IET GIKI also arranged five social events for the entertainment of the participants. It surely was one of the biggest technical events of GIKI.

You can check out more details on GIKI INNOVATION SUMMIT 2013

Revolution Flame, being a proactive Youth Volunteering Platform provided opportunity to it’s ambassadors to visit the event and execute an awareness activity regarding the on-going Save Energy Campaign. A group consisting of six (6) proficient ambassadors were chosen from a team of 200.

Ateeq Afridi – The Team Leader

Ateeq Afridi FAST NU Picture

Ateeq Afridi

I have attended so many events but Giki Innovation summit’13 was very special for me. Mostly because i was representing RF as team leader for the first time in any event. I had a wonderful volunteering experience at this event as we executed the activity regarding our ongoing “Save Energy Campaign” . I am very happy because we did what we were told to do. It was a total team effort because every team member was so motivated,dedicated and devoted to convey our message of saving energy to maximum audience. We carried out activities like Energy confessions, Shout A Slogan and Pledge in which participants had to take an oath of not wasting energy after this.  The most important thing regarding this event, which i think is of worth mentioning here is that we even targeted international students from Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and conveyed our message to them. They took an active participation in all our activities.Certificates were also awarded to the participants. All the students there appreciated the efforts by Revolution Flame and wanted to join RF as volunteers. We all worked as a family, used to ask every team member’s point of view before execution of any activity. We also covered the event as we were also the media partner of GIKI Innovation Summit. We really did enjoy the whole event that included musical night,drama,theme dinner (almost missed it) and hiking. At last, our own gossips,teasing each other,confusion about what to eat and what to drink? 🙂 made it a more memorable event for us. Being the team leader, i am very thankful to Asheeba (photographer), Saad Ansari (photographer), Irum (activity coordinator), Umair zahid (activity coordinator) and Qaider Ali (activity coordinator). All of them made this activity possible.In short, it was a fun filled event !

Asheeba Ashraf – The Photographer

Asheeba Ashraf Photographer

Asheeba Ashraf

My first ever experience with Revolution Flame has been entirely satisfactory due to three main components: firstly and most importantly, we worked with all educational factors that affect the mental level of students. Such campaigns attract people and proves that we are still united, standing together hands in hands in any case to tackle the problems of our country. Fortunately, we saw bundle of people coming and confessing in our very first activity of confessions where they had to accept their mistake of wasting energy on daily basis and swear on themselves to never to do that again. Amazingly, we received many entries from students, participants, teachers as well as some sales men. Later on one member of our team came up with this idea of putting on yellow ribbons to show unity for save energy campaign. Astonishingly, no one refused to put on this, in fact the IET team itself wore this ribbon willingly.  The next day we conducted this activity of writing slogans to save energy. A lot of people wrote great slogans and we distributed certificates among the best one. Although all of them were very well written but few entries were worth appreciating. Ironically, changing the world is tough. Whether it’s powerful politicians or big businesses we’re targeting, it can be hard work persuading people to do the right thing. But every action you take can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. Take a moment to savor some campaign successes and know that, with your time and passion, we did this.

Iram Shaheen – The Activity Coordinator

Iram Shaheen Ambassador Picture RF

Iram Shaheen

It was wonderful and memorable visiting GIKI for covering the GIKI Innovation Summit ’13 and carrying out the save energy campaign as an “Ambassador of Revolution Flame”. The whole event was just, WOW. It was great working in tandem with the RF team, sharing creative ideas, enjoying together and the real fun was in promoting RF.

Talking to the people about the campaign and the RF, improved my communication skills. The best part of the event for me was roaming around the campus and wooing people into wearing the yellow bands and to shout a save energy slogan. I learnt a lot during the event.
Along with the work, these three days were full of excitement and very interesting. Dance, concert, drama festival, the save energy confession stall and yellow bands, hiking and how can I forget, the THEME DINNER 😀 all went awesome.
So in a nut shell, my very first event as an Ambassador of RF, was superb. It was a great experience working with enterprising team members and I was very enthusiastic during the whole event.


Umair Zahid – The Activity Coordinator

Umair Zahid RF Ambassador

Umair Zahid

GIKI Innovation Summit’13 was fabulous event organized by IET GIKI chapter. Participants from all over the Pakistan participated in this event. I worked as activity coordinator with Team RF in this event to carry out “SAVE ENERGY CAMPAIGN”. This was most wonderful experience of my life. I learnt many things during this event.
The most beautiful thing I learnt after conducting this activity was that Pakistani youth is very much enthusiastic for the betterment of our beloved homeland Pakistan. The way people took part in this activity was outstanding. The youth of Pakistan is very much dedicated and passionate. But the only thing lacking in them is “AWARENESS”. That’s what the Team Revolution Flame did. The activities during the campaign like Energy Confessions, Yellow Ribbons excellently communicated the message of love, peace and awareness. I am highly hopeful that Pakistan will be standing in the front line of developed countries very soon if we’ll continue work with such inclination and optimism. Long Live Pakistan!

Saad Ansari and Qaiser Ali

Well they haven’t said anything yet ! If they do then we surely will update here 😀

You can check the Save Energy Activity pictures here in this Album on Revolution Flame’s Facebook Page.

Here is a group photo of the Team Revolution Flame who conducted the activity (^_^)

Team Revolution Flame Group Photo GIS 2013 GIKI

Team Revolution Flame @ GIS 2013 GIKI

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