PET Bottles Wreath | DIY

December 11, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath out of PET bottles via your own hands. Take some PET bottles and start making a beautiful handmade decoration for this year’s holiday. At the end, your home will look wonderfully ready for Christmas and the environment will thank you as well!


Make sure you have:
• Scissors
• PET bottles
• Gold spray paint (or any color you prefer)
• Strong thread/ Crafting lace
• Nails
• Pliers
• Soldering iron


Start by using the scissors and cut  the bottom of the bottles, as shown in the picture. Take each piece and give them a nice golden color with the use of spray paint. Afterward, make cuts in the side, as shown in the picture. Keep repeating this and continue shaping the bottom of the bottles until they look like a crown like in the photo. Look from above to check if it has that flower or snowflake form? If no, then take the pliers and shape the sides into looking the way they are suppose to.

The next step is to drill a hole through the center of each of the bottles (bottom of bottles to be precise). You can use a soldering iron for this as well or you could heat a needle and use it to make the hole. This hole will be required to pass the thread between the pieces of your garland. Pass the thread through each piece of bottle, facing them opposite to each other (look at the picture for guidelines), until you have the desired length of the garland. Make a knot and decorate with an elegant red bow.

PET bottle wreath

Credits : Ahsanullah Khan

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