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December 9, 2013 - 6 minutes read

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Calling All Love bandits – Share Your Adventures of 2013

Okay … So time to say good bye to 2013 is almost here. There was much hype that world is ending and luckily it decided not to end and thus we have another year upcoming and we hope that all of you are ready for it and most of you must have planned a lot that you would be buying this, this and that and not to mention that you have to go there too and meet that person and many more things.

But wait… *Pause*

What if I say

You could end 2013 in style?

Interested to know HOW?

Well, our team brings you a novel idea to make your year memorable! *pause* *think* *tell* in just one line the most awesome thing you did in 2013 of which you are proud of!

For example
One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Teach slum children how to write!’

One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Made Someone Laugh’

One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Come back to Homeland and Enjoy Desi Things’

One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Stop a Child From Smoking’

One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Start Seeing things and people from different perspective’

One of the best thing which I did in 2013 was to ‘Open a library in Charsadda’

You can browse more examples from Revolution Flame’s Facebook Page Album Rebel Consortium 2013.

And that’s it …
What we will do for you is that we will choose the 100 best memories submitted by our fans and make an artwork on it.
And if your artwork gets 100+ likes it goes in our Comic Book.
Then what are you waiting for? *pause* *think* and *tell* 😀
We are *waiting* 😀
Oh :O

You have questions? So you want to share complete story?

Worry not! It’s good to go! Tell us the complete story, our comic book will comprise of three sections. One was of the comics that you just read about and the other part is the full stories where you can tell us each and every single thing with complete details. Just speak your heart, the world wants to hear.

But but but … I m not a writer :/ I am an artist, what do you have for me?

We love artists, you guys can say it all with out saying a single word. Your work is what defines you, you guys preserve memories, dreams and realities of life in canvas. This year send us your best shots, we will make sure that we incorporate as much as we can in our Comic Book.

But but but … What’s so special about that Comic Book?

Well, It is special! As we will be trying to spread some smiles through that book. It would serve as an inspiration for the readers all around the world as it would be the ultimate happiness book. Consisting of inspiring one liners, full stories and artworks.

Are you ready to join hands with Revolution Flame and let’s stand unitedly and be the beacons of Hope for those who have lost the reasons to live.

Tell me How Does Rebel Consortium Works? I am all confused !

It’s really simple, we have divided the event in three phases.

  1. Phase One – Collection Of Stories (December 5th 2013 to January 10th 2014)
  2. Phase Two – Results (January 30th 2014)
  3. Phase Three – The Comic Book (March 1st 2014)

Phase 1 of Rebel Consortium

Phase One consists of collection of stories, which you can submit by any of the following way

  1. You can inbox us on our page
  2. Post it on our Facebook page’s wall (
  3. Email them at with the subject, ‘Nailed It in 2013’

Follow any method and we will handle the rest!

Phase 2 of Rebel Consortium

Phase Two is results where we will announce that which of the entries made it to the comic book.
Meanwhile Just keep calm and participate actively in Rebel Consortium. May the odds be in your favor.

Phase 3 of Rebel Consortium

Phase Three is what you should die for. After the results, we will be releasing this Legenda 😀
Legenda? Yeah! It is Love Rebel’s Legendary Legends lumped in Comical Way that you have never ever seen before.


For Latest Buzz follow our facebook page event -> Rebel Consortium 2013

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