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December 7, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Winter, socks, snowmen…. Don’t all of them sound synonymous? As if they were always meant to belong with each other in complete harmony.
All of us, wished to make a snow-man at least once in our lives. Here’s December and luckily, here’s our chance. And without snow, too. Yes you heard me right, without snow! You don’t need to go anywhere and not everyone can, no matter how much they love the snow and the incomparable experience that comes with it.


All you need is;

  • A White Sock
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Rice Grains or any filling substitute
  • Buttons
  • A piece of cloth
  • 2 rubber bands

Lets get started:

1) Cut the sock into half as shown in the picture.

2) Now take the toe part or the closed end of that sock and start filling it with Rice Grains. Please note that any other soft material can be used for filling as well. Shredded old paper would work too and is an awesome recycling idea.

3) Fill the sock up until the 3/4th portion and then tie the rubber band. 

4) Then fill the remaining portion with Rice grains/filling substitute, again. 

5) When its almost filled, tie the opened part of the sock with the rubber band.

6) For eyes, stitch buttons on the upper half (head) of the sock.

7) Use the piece of cloth as his muffler and tie it around the neck, accordingly. See, it’s really cold these days and snow mans get chills too. And hey, you can use the remaining half part of the sock as his cap too so that he’s extra comfy. 

9) Moreover, to beautify this little snow-man, you can stick a flower or a bow to his cap made up of the remaining piece of cloth. 

And Voila, your very own Sock Snow Man is ready. Cute, small & soft, your own personal piece of winter. Enjoy!

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Credits: Ahsanullah Khan
Written by: Yumna
DIY sock snowmans

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