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March 23, 2014 - 4 minutes read


You’ve always been impressed of the Jetsons ever since you were a child and gazed at their shiny flying cars through the screens, wondering if such vehicles would have a real life of their own by the time you have grown up. Almost an age is to end and still there are no signs of a flying car which could rescue you from the ever annoying hours of traffic jam when you go bonkers owing to the long waiting and honking moments. But this was just another childhood flight of fancy. Even Henry Fords, back in 1940 predicted of a car/aircraft, maybe he was also indulged in fantasy.
Stefan_Klein_PortraitNevertheless, there is one person who dreams and believes in shaping his dreams into reality. He has recently (22 Jan’ 14) raised the curtains off his blue-and-white flying car. Flying car! Yes you heard it right. Stefan Klein from Slovakia has been working on his dream since 1990s and his endeavor has finally yielded a two seater car, occupying the same space any normal car would at a garage or parking lot, tanking up at any filling station and unleashing it’s charm- ‘the wings’ once it hits the airport!
Mr Klein claims flying is a gift of his genes and confesses having got his pilot’s license even before he was old enough to drive a car! He has designed cars for BMW, Volkswagen and Audi and presently teaches at the Bratislava-based Academy of Fine Arts and Design.
Before him there have been some 20 attempts worldwide to come up with a flying cum road vehicle but so far, Klein’s labor seems the most feasible. He himself admits to AFP, “I got the idea to start working on a vehicle of the future at university, but honestly, who hasn’t dreamt of flying while stuck in the traffic?”
The 6 meters (20 feet) ride has the potential of flying at the top speed of 200 km per hour once in the air and travel as far as 700 km burning 15 liters of petrol per hour. No wonder its going to be handy in saving our time but we have to bear in mind that the machine is a monster when it comes to energy consumption. Of course because it can race on wheels as well as fly on wings. In addition, one has to be a driver plus a pilot to have a ride that is you have to be in possession of both the driver’s license as well as pilot’s license with 25 flying hours.

evo klien flygin car henry ford quote
One fact that comes naturally associated with the Aeromobil is that it would only be easily available to the folks with deep pockets. But fear not! Maybe, in the coming few decades, these vehicles become a trend and everybody would be maintaining one, just like straight out of our dreams we own smart phones which sure wouldn’t have been our ancestors’ figment of imagination.
Also Klein’s Aeromobil is termed as the ‘prettiest and best designed airborne automobile so far’ by the US Aviation Magazine and design.

Klein with his team is currently working on the next generation of Aeromobil that will go into production in the coming months and hopefully confer Slovak Ultra Light Aircraft certification. Until then, let’s keep our eyes fixed on this reality-dreamer’s works and wait for what they have in store for us in the near future.

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