Paper Art – Floral Decorations

August 27, 2014 - 4 minutes read

Are you tired of buying new bouqets for your household vases everyday, only to throw them away at the end of the day? Are you unable to find anything to quench your thirst for handicrafts? Or are you one of those people who are always looking to try something new? If it is so, then I have a constructive project for you. Given below are three easy steps to make simple, eye-catching and long-lasting floral decorations.
So let us get started.

Material Required:

All you need is,
-Some paper sheets of vibrant colours


I have divided the making of these floral decorations into three steps for your convenience.

  • -Flowers
  • -Stalk
  • -Leaves
  1. First of all, take a paper of any colour of your choice to make the flowers. Cut this coloured paper crosswise, approximately one-third of the whole sheet. Now fold one end of this paper, about 1 cm, lengthwise this time and cut the remaining part of it in strips of desired width depending upon the size of the flowers you want to obtain. Next, roll the strips all the way to the extra folded area. Roll them tightly so they don’t open; but be gentle while doing so. If you put too much pressure and squash the flowers, they would not give a neat outlook if distorted.
  2. For the stalk of the flower, take a light green coloured paper and cut a strip of it of about 8-9 cm. Now take any one of the corners of this strip and start rolling in thin and tight folds diagonally towards the opposite corner of the strip. When a cylinder of desired thickness is obtained, glue the loose ends firmly and put it aside to dry. The thickness of this strip should be according to the one demonstrated in the picture.Next comes the tricky part: attaching the petal arrangement to the stalk. For this purpose, hold the stalk firmly and roll the extra folded part of the petal arrangement around it tightly, covering the stalk. Repeat this step till almost three forth of the stalk is covered by the flowers. Glue the ends and let it dry.
  3. Now, for the leaves, cut another strip from the green coloured paper and fold it such a way that a fan like arrangement with alternate elevations and depressions at various folds is obtained. Straighten out this paper and cut out grass-like cuttings with the help of scissors. Cover this strip around the remaining stalk and roll the triangular ends outwards to give them a leafy appearance. And your paper flowers are ready!


You can try other techniques to make them more neat and beautiful. You can also incorporate new ideas to your floral decorations, sprinkle some glitter or use spray paints, if you may. Use these flowers for decoration and adornment wherever you want or give them to your beloved ones. 
So, grab a pair of scissors and some coloured sheets and try these floral decorations today.

Research by: Zaeem Mujtaba

Written by: Asma Zainab

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