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September 5, 2014 - 2 minutes read


Hey There I’m Libby!
The dilemma with Pakistan is not just illiteracy and poverty but also a poor educational system that promotes rote learning. A fraction of children are fortunate enough to study in ‘posh’ schools and explore what creativity is but still a majority of students never ever experience the creativity just because their institute couldn’t afford to provide them with the faculty and the books through which they could quench their thirst for exploring this dimension.

In Pakistan one would hardly find any constructive recreational content for children. Even if miraculously if it is available, it won’t be within easy access of children.

For how long would we just sit as silent spectators and witness generations after generations ruin?

It is annoying to see the rote learners making it to top while the creative ones perish for not writing ‘Word to Word’.
I wish for it to change!
I want free quality education without any discrimination!
I have a vision for a better tomorrow for the next generation!
Kids by their nature are creative, it’s our training that determines that how much of the creativity they would retain as they grow up. If you want to teach kids, the first thing you need is to attract their attention not by imposing something upon them but by giving them an environment that encourages creativity.

Lighthouses are vivid and colorful libraries for kids that will bring their imagination to life. We would ensure that all the books in the library to be inspiring stories or of quality educational content.

If you believe in my dream then come forward and join our cause.
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