For the love of Graphics- A talk with Moin Nazim

October 11, 2014 - 4 minutes read

10380301_810576758976096_1752641323090945310_nQ) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a fresh computer science graduate from university of Karachi. Affiliated to a newly launched digital marketing firm the D-spot .Just an average guy who loves to design and illustrate and make a living out of it.

Q) When did your career start?

Well my career actually started 11 months back from now, as I started working for an entrepreneur. Unfortunately that did not work out well in the end and I decided to become freelancer,but soon Osama Sarwar, founder of the D-spot, offered an affiliation with the agency. That gave the learning curve a great launch working with a fresh team with well-polished skills is amazing.

Q) What has been a seminal experience?

The very moment I came back home with my first national level event’s winning trophy and saw smiles on my parents’ faces and those heartwarming Facebook posts and text messages I realized I can actually make a living out of graphics designing despite the fact I was a computer science student the thirst wasn’t going to fade anytime soon;

The facebook page was not part of the plan it just happened and with its success it became certain there was no looking back.

Q) What art do you most identify with?

My style of designing is extremely versatile; you won’t even get a hint if 10 designs were put up in front you and you had to guess which one belonged to me even if all of them were my designs. You can call it (drumrolls) “moinism” (ddddmbbtiss). Okay that was lame…

Q) What do you do to gain so much knowledge in this area?

I observe; most of the people around me mistake me for a graphics designing graduate because of the color combinations and the aesthetic sense of putting up a design but it’s all an outcome of  keen observation of why an object in front of me is making me feel “Wow ” and how I can transfer that factor into my canvas . Magazines , TV commercials, Google , KacheeGoliyan , bed sheets , shampoo bottles ,the freaky fishes on National Geographic and God knows what not, I just keep feeding my brain with all of it and what you see is what I’ve fed it.

Q) What’s your favorite art work? Share the pictures with us.




Q) What is your dream project?

My dream project is to project a dream in front of the younger generation of designers to dream of living your dreams. Because when your dream becomes your profession you get to earn for free. But there’s a long time into that; I myself am too young to inspire others.

Q) What role does the artist have in a society?

He has to make money for his family but make the society smile at the same time.

Q) Any message for youth.

Dream big, but once you get to the top don’t get cocky because the moment you think you’re the best one around, you are actually giving your spot away.

Q) Words for Revolution Flame.

The name says it all I guess, forming a community for the youth by the youth, hunting talent and making a statement, a team that does so is hard to find and a team that does it so good is even harder to find.


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-Syed Uzair Ahmed Shah Bukhari
Revolution Flame

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