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You must have remembered, you alongside your parents and grandparents engaged in partying giggles and roaring laughs while watching Rozi, Sach Much, AnganTera and more alike. Memories like these leave long lasting mesmerizing imprints on our minds, which delight us every time we think about them.

 ‘No medicine works better than Laughter’, and who better to prove it other than the legendary Moin Akhtar. This man, who had won million of hearts was brought to life in the shining city of Karachi on 24th of December 1950.

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Year 1966 became the start of his incredible journey of spreading liveliness. His first attempt to impersonate different popular characters on the Defense Day celebration had attracted many eyes of talent hunters, who offered him to work for them. He, since then, had appeared in many sitcoms, drama serials and programs, and started climbing the ladder of success with brilliance. Half Plate, Intezar Farmaye, Fifty Fifty Studio Dhhai, Studio Ponay Teen,  Family-93, Eid Train, Bandar Road Se Kemari, Dollar Man, Makaan No 47, Such Much Ka Election, Char Bees, Nokar Key Agey  Chaaker, Yes Sir No Sir , Show Sha are just some of his record breaking TV shows.

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He was not just any actor, he was a great impersonator as well, which first became evident in adaptation of the Hollywood show Tootsie- Rozi was much appreciated and regarded. Moin Akhtar impersonated the exact characteristics of a lady with such flare and delicacy that it absolutely wowed the viewers. Later, his compelling partnership with Anwar Maqsood in Loose Talk gave his impersonating skills a whole new niche.

He mimicked prominent national and international characters and certainly proved himself to be the precious jewel of Pakistan television industry.

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With him being so talented and flamboyant, he even hosted a show of his own called “Moin Akhter Show” where he interviewed influential and significant personalities like King Husain of Jordan, Prime minister of Gambia Dawoodi-Al-Joza, Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, General  Zia-ul-Haq, General Yahya Khan, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Pervez Musharraf and many more.

Moin Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood and Bushra Ansari worked in major projects and were the talented trio which produced sweet and witty humor that would make them being remember for decades. He once said,

“Everything I did is a part of history now. To live with history is difficult but there will be people, who will say one day, there was a man who did it and did it so differently”

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We have plenty of humorists who can bring smile on the face but there are very few who have gone to the international level and won the hearts of millions of people and make their lives remembered afterwards. Moin Akhtar was a powerhouse of talent. Besides acting, he did direction, production, hosting and song composing. On the top of all that, he was also a multilingual person with a marvelous fluency in Urdu, English, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, Gujarati, Bengali and many other languages.

He was truly a person who has lived the life to its fullest. His quality of being diligent and versatile was extraordinary and his youthful personality and decent humor earned him a million fans around the globe. Because of his strikingly wonderful performances, he was awarded with the Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan and the citizenship of Dallas in 1996 along with many other national and international acknowledgements.

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22ndApril 2011 was a day when first time in his career, instead of spreading giggles and laughter, he made his loved once and fans across the world mourn. A heart attack took him away leaving behind innumerable number of fans, his wife, three daughters and two sons. Everyone among his family, acquaintances and colleagues admired and remembered him because of the simplicity and humbleness as he himself once said,

“I want to stay alive in the hearts and minds of the people, even after I am gone”

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In this chaotic and menacing situation of the country, we always need someone who can take our minds off the stressful scenario and make us forget about our worries with laughter. People like Moin Akhtar, with decent humor and intelligence are a rarity and blessing. Though he is not among us now, but people will remember him for his excellence in comedy and acting skills. May Allah rest the soul of Moin Akhtar, who once had sprinkled happiness and laughs everywhere. Amen.

Written By:
Saima Javed,
Writer, Revolution Flame.

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