Reliving Moin Khan’s Different Agenda

December 2, 2014 - 6 minutes read

Pakistan, a country that has met massive defamation for its fundamentalist or extremist mentality, has suffered since day one of its birth. There have been major obstacles in its way to jump from underdeveloped to the developing countries list.

What we see majorly is only hatred and spreading a crude negativity about the country. Many have even gone to the point of criticizing its existence. Such times are tough to face especially for a nationally and internationally traumatized country like Pakistan. Luckily, despite many challenges starting from poverty to extremism, from sanitation to education, it still houses a lot of talented individuals who wish to promote Pakistan, their homeland, in a positive manner.

The youth of Pakistan is educated and understands the need to clear out their country’s name that has been associated with all the vices previously. This special talented lot of individuals have been working hard promoting peace and harmony whilst holding the Pakistan banner proudly throughout. Who would have thought that this could be done on a motorbike? But Moin Khan proved all wrong.

Hailing from Lahore, he went to San Francisco to complete his further studies, and from there on he began his 18 months, 40,000 km epic journey from San Francisco to Lahore not by airplanes or buses, but on his bike. His titled his journey, ‘A Different Agenda’ which absolutelysuited his perspective. Moin says he started working up to three jobs and worked 70 hrs a weeks to earn and gather enough money to successfully complete this venture he was so passionate about.He came across a number of people from different countries with different cultural values and backgrounds and made sure to make the experience memorable for both, himself and them.

Moin Khan -

And as if surviving merely on boiled rice and ketchup was not enough, he did not carry with him a map. Being the wanderer that he is, he believed in getting lost to find the meaning of life. Moin stated,

“My agenda was to help decrease the gap in the world’s perceptions of Pakistan. I met thousands of people, talked and stayed with them, and I think I had success getting a positive response of the people that common Pakistanis are good people.”


Despite facing discouraging attitude from many people claiming his target to be unachievable, immature and impossible, Khan had his eyes and mind set on his goal. Even after a number of minor and some major accidents, Moin did not waiver from his initial wish. Broken bones and an unsalvageable bike only made his determination stronger and his will power to carry on even firmer.



Knowing his story and his positive attitude, a number of people started donating to his cause, some being kind enough to send motor bike parts for a flawless smooth journey. A mechanic in Romania after learning about his journey and his aim, repaired his bike for free.  Moin Khan carried no electronic device on his way to Pakistan and had to meet and get directions from a number of people to know his way making him meet an even larger group of people.

Moin hoisted the Pakistani flag in a number of countries and areas, which thought wrong of Pakistan previously but after seeing his positive attitude, their views regarding Pakistan and Muslims changed drastically. His six month journey gave him experiences and tales for a lifetime. He claimed to have not felt a single moment worth of negativity or hostility and thanks God who had given him the strength to go on and bring a change in perceptions.

Moin Khan reached Pakistan on December 31, 2011. He was welcomed by a large group of his fans, friends and family along with Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef. Moin was given a shield on this occasion for his efforts in changing perceptions regarding Pakistan, in his speech Moin stated that the fate of Pakistan lies in the hands of its own people, its own youth, an no one else would come help change Pakistan as a country if it were not for them.

Moin Khan touched the hearts of many people, explaining and clearing their inhibitions regarding Pakistan. He was kind and shared stories from the past. He made sure that every person he met had a positive affiliation towards the country by the end of his meeting. The zealous biker would be contributing in giving Pakistan a positive limelight and is all set to infuse his skills and enthusiasm in Pakistani women bikers.

“I will try to introduce sports biking in Pakistan and want to train Pakistani women in this field. Women who are interested in this game will get free gear and training.”


Written By:
Kehkishan Khalid,
HRM, Writer, Revolution Flame.

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