Passion for Conquering Heights- Samina Baig

January 6, 2015 - 5 minutes read

The basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. It embarks your strength within, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars. Mountain climbers experience this zenith of excitement exposing themselves to freezing temperature, injury risk and physical exertion

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” 

-Jon Bon Jovi-

The saying stands true when we talk about this passionate girl Samina Baig, who began climbing when she was only four years old. Nobody at that time had any inkling that she would go on to become the first Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest. She has the credit of being the youngest Muslim woman to climb Everest at the age of 21 and also became the first Pakistani woman to climb all seven highest peaks in the seven continents in just under eight months.4

The phenomenal girl belongs to Shimshal village situated in Hunza and was trained in mountaineering from the age of 15 by her brother, Mirza Ali. She is been practicing climbing from a very young age and been climbing professionally since 2009.

After conquering the great Mount Everest, she and her brother set out to hoist our green flag on the seven summits. The highest peak in Antarctica, Mt. Vinson became her target in January as 5,895 meters high Mount Kilimanjaro followed in February. 6

In March, they traveled to Indonesia and reached its highest peak Mount Carstensz Pyramid. Mount McKinley and Mount Elbrus were succeeded in July. She made history by climbing Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest peak of South America, in the freezing month of December. That is how this brave young lady set the record of capturing the summits in age of 23 years. She expressed her happiness in an interview:

“My eyes were in tears and I had no words to say. The only thing running in my mind was that I am on the top with a green flag and the world is below me. I am standing on the top of the world for a reason and a mission, to empower women of my country through my adventures. This is something that can’t be expressed .even though some people in my country dint believe in me and my brother whenwe left for this expedition. Our journalist told me that I am very tinny and how could I climb, but by the grace of Allah almighty I made it to the top and made history, its history and everlasting”




Executing one’s dream require financial support as well which was lacking in Samina’s case but as they say that allowyou passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession. At the very beginning, she struggled a lot regarding lack of finance. Later, she gathered support from friends and family who helped in making her life’s dream come true.1

Her passion is not limited to climbing. Her aim is to empower women and which is worth appreciable. Once she highlighted in her interview that she was motivated by the women who travelled from different countries to her village for trekking and mountain climbing.

“Mountain climbing is my passion, and to empower women through my expeditions is the reason”

She is inspired by her brother who initially guided her in mountain climbing; and his main aim also is to create awareness regarding mountaineering for females in Pakistan.

In my community, women are as important as males, and they are playing an equal role in the society”

She conveyed her message to all women of developing countries that they are as powerful as men and can play equal roles by coming out of their routines’ chores. She delivers a message of strong determination for women who are afraid to raise their voices.


Samina is still continuing on with her passion as a mountain guide and expedition leader in Hindu Kush and at peaks of Karakorum.


A documentary film by the name of ‘Beyond the Heights’ is also filmed which records the overall experience of her expedition to Mount Everest.

Written By:
Zunaira Sheikh,
Igniter, Revolution Flame.

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