6 Amazing DIY Soda Can Items

July 4, 2015 - 2 minutes read

The empty soda canisters can be put to good use if applied a little effort and creativity. Here are some creative ideas you can decorate, make stuff and renew old things with the help of empty soda cans.

1- Give your wall clock a colorful situate 

By cutting and straightening the cylindrical canisters, you can create a colorful border for a clock or an art piece you want to highlight on the wall. These cans when pasted randomly on a board give a very artsy look to your wall making it look worked on. This art can also be used as a background board for frames or other wall hangings.



2- Make gift tabs with soda can tabs

The soda can tabs can be used for making tags for gifts. Just a little work of fomic sheets and can tabs the tags are good to go.



3- Cookie cutter

Baking can be more fun with these skillfully designed cookie cutters. That empty cans can be cut and easily molded to shapes for cookie cutters.



4- Easy DIY light holder

The soda cans can do so much more that just being used as pencil boxes. If applied a little creativity the canister can light up your room.



5- Soda tab necklace

The soda tabs can be used for ornaments and making jewelry like these beautiful gemstone necklaces. You can go on and try making bracelets out of them too.



6- Fancy soda tab lamps

This one requires a little time and patience, but once done is a matchless DIY lamp you can brag about.




Researcher: Iqra Javed
Compiler: Tayyaba Paracha

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